Don’t Freak Out About Facebook Changes! – Your Page is Still Valuable

This post is sponsored by Tom Lelyo, founder of T.Lelyo Media.

FB Changes Dont Freak Out

Towards the end of October, a blog post regarding potential changes to how Facebook serves up content from Facebook Pages to users’ NewsFeed stirred up a lot of commotion.

Many people were afraid Facebook was merely forcing content creators to “pay to play.”

I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts on why this – and any other change Facebook makes – should not scare us.

For starters, the tail end of the article mentioned that there are currently no official plans to remove Page content from Newsfeed. This is merely a testing of a reorganization of content on the newsfeed in different countries. (But it is worth nothing that unless you put $$ behind your content, only a fraction – something like 2%-3% – of your audience will see it)

Secondly, content is king, and always will be. If you create content that your audience wants to engage in, they will do whatever it takes to consume it. So encourage them to check their notification settings on your page and make sure they are “opted in” to have your content show up in their News Feed.

Also, let’s consider this: Facebook, as a company, is super generous in maintaining this incredible platform for people to connect through for free!

I think it’s interesting when we as content creators get upset because they won’t let us promote our businesses and try and make money without giving them a well deserved cut. Think about how much infrastructure there is to maintain, how much marketing and research goes into getting people to join the platform, and then stay on it.

Finally, changes are a reminder that any platform that we use to engage our audience does not belong to us. Therefore, the more data we can collect and maintain on our own, the safer we will be when big shifts happen.

So, build your e-mail list! Always make sure you have a .CSV file/spreadsheet with all your audience data so you can take it anywhere you want to go.

If you’d like some help assessing your current audience marketing strategy: e-mail lists, facebook groups vs pages, messenger bots, etc – I’d be happy to chat with you.

Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram @tomlelyo or email me at tom@tlelyomedia.com

God bless!

by: Tom Lelyo at T.Lelyo Media

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