Give Him 5 Prayer Bags Inspire Prayer

This post is sponsored by Michelle Gelineau, creator of Give Him 5.

Give Him 5 Prayer Bags.png

Are you struggling with prayer? These prayer bags are just what you need to revive your prayer life or get you started with prayer. There is nothing more important than a relationship with Jesus.

The five minute sand timer is a fun reminder to begin praying. When it runs out you won’t want to stop.

The “Begin with FAITH” prayer cards will guide you through your conversation with Jesus using the word FAITH.

F– find a quiet place

A– ask Jesus to be with you

 I– tell Him what is important to you

T– thank Him

H– ask for His help in your life

Want more help? Here are six steps that will get you and your kids praying.

Each bag includes:

  • Five Minute Sand Timer
  • Give Him 5 Pocket Cross
  • Two Prayer Cards with FAITH message prayer guide
  • Give Him 5 Scroll explaining why we pray
  • 4 x 6 inch Muslin Carry Bag
  • Bags are great for ages 4-99 years.

Use the code “Prayer” to receive 15% off your entire order. More discounts offered for churches, schools and groups. Check out Give Him 5 and purchase your bag here.

Give Him 5 Hanging Tag_Front_Bleed_Final_2 - Copy (2).jpg

by: Michelle Gelineau at Give Him 5.

5 thoughts on “Give Him 5 Prayer Bags Inspire Prayer”

    1. Thank you Lindsey! You are right. I have had many people tell me that it, “Really works” to help them pray. The most important thing is to get started and this looks doable. I have had a few priests give homilies using my message as a good example of how to pray. Actually, it’s not mine. It’s Gods. It came during my prayer time.


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