Surrender All To Jesus; Keep Nothing For Yourself

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God bestows many blessings on those who give everything up for Him.

Tell Jesus your hopes, dreams and greatest desires. Lay them before the foot of the cross. Look up to Him and tell Him these are now His to do with what He wishes.

Tell Him your life is not your own, you no longer live for yourself; you live for Him. Every moment, every action, every thought, every breath you take is His to do with what He wills.

When the desires you have come to your mind and heart, hand them over to Him again. Tell Him you desire nothing but to serve Him and live His Will.

Do not fear or be afraid. Know whatever His Will is for you will bring you great heavenly joy — joy the world cannot give. For it is a joy the world does not understand. It is a joy that comes only from Him.

You may be asked to walk away from some of these dreams and His plans may be different than the ones you have for yourself. Be ready to walk away from any and all of them. And when you feel the anxiety and fear well up inside you about what it is He will ask you to do, give that to Him as well.

For He will lighten any load and ease any burden you may fear will come.

His generosity knows no bounds. A generous heart with the Lord will bear great fruit on earth and in heaven. A generous heart is what He asks of us.

He will supply the means and strength we need to live out His Will in our lives. Let us rest in His Most Sacred Heart to obtain the peace, strength and courage we need to live out His Will and which we can only receive there.

His plans and will for us are greater than we could ever imagine for ourselves.

In His Heart, He waits for us to reside with Him and in Him, and it is where He desires to communicate in His gentle loving way what His Will is for us.

Let us enter into the silence and reside in His Most Sacred Heart, surrender ourselves and abandon our body, mind, heart and soul to the Lord. Let us not be afraid, for the Lord has shown time and again His great power and mercy throughout all of history.

There is no safer or more secure place for us to surrender ourselves to than in His Most Sacred Heart. It is our safe haven. It is our heavenly home. It is where we will find everlasting peace, in this life and the next.

May Mary, and Her Most Immaculate Heart, be our protector and guide to live out His Will and abandon ourselves to Jesus always.

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  1. When we submit ourselves to the Lord, He is always faithful! The hard part is saying, “Yes!” again and again. Mary can help us with that too.

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