Kick off the New Year with a Faith-Based Resolution

This post is written by Sara Estabrooks, author at To Jesus, Sincerely, co-founder of CSMI.

Virtue Challenge

New Year’s Resolutions are often hastily made and hastily broken.

They may lack real purpose. A plan. Accountability. If we want to make a lasting life change, we need to prayerfully pick meaningful resolutions, formulate a plan, and join a supportive community.

The Virtue Challenge Facebook Team is up for the task.

With the monthly Virtue Challenge from To Jesus, Sincerely, we choose one virtue to focus on each month. We pray for God’s grace to grow in that virtue. We share our journey of striving for the virtue. All our feats and failures. Our needs and prayer requests.

And together, as a community, through the grace of God, we take small steps toward that virtue.

We’re all called to sainthood, and the Virtue Challenge reminds us to pursue that calling every moment of every day of our lives.

Are you ready to make a change?

Are you ready to enter more deeply into your vocation?

To grow in holiness?

To pursue sainthood with a passion?

To step closer to God every day?

Start the Virtue Challenge today! You can choose to enter into whatever challenge you need most at this time, or you can join the Team in this month’s challenge: Faith.

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