Revive Virtue in Your Marriage with this 7-week Program

This post is sponsored by Kimberly Cook, blogger at The Lion of Design.

Marriage Workbook.png

Visit the Lion of Design for more information, and to order your Marriage Workbook today.

7 Week Marriage Workbook

Introducing the #MHIYOHIH (My Hand In Yours, Our Hand In His) New Year’s Challenge! We’re challenging you and your spouse to take part in our 7-week marriage workbook on the virtues starting January 1.

You’ll spend time each week reflecting on the theological and cardinal virtues – and their application in your marriage. It’s the perfect New Year’s Resolution for your marriage!

To get your copy of the workbook and join other couples who are taking part, visit The Lion of Design.

Check out this video introduction to the workbook:

This program will help you:

  • connect with your spouse
  • deepen your faith
  • invest in your marriage.

Purchase Your Marriage Workbook today.

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