The Ultimate Lent Guide for Busy People

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author at Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and co-founder of CSMI.

Lent for Busy People

I have 9 month old twins, a five year old and for the past few days, my husband was sick.

I need a shower.  I need to clean my kitchen and the amount of laundry that needs to folded reminds me once again that we own way to many clothes.

I also am trying to work from home.

For me, prayer happens right in the midst of all the crazy.

Going to adoration regularly is on the list.

My list might be longer than Santa’s.  It’s intimidating and today it is not yet on paper – so it’s on my mind, and “write a list” is on the list.

Once Lent begins, my schedule will be a lot of the same.

Crazy, busy, chaotic.

In order to truly prepare for Easter, my soul needs to engage in more prayer and fasting.

In order to do that, I’m looking to others that have found the same challenges and have created

The Ultimate Lent Guide for Busy People!!

Continue reading for 5 great ideas on entering into Lent in the midst of your busy life. Plus a free printable with four bonus ideas!

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