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Ginny Kochis

Ginny Kochis

Not So Formulaic Raising Exceptional Kids Rooted In Extraordinary Love

I’m Ginny, wife and mom of three exceptional kids.

I believe grace grows in the soil of raising the quirky and exceptional. I believe God equips women He’s chosen to raise the unrepeatable and unique. Most importantly, I believe God gives curious, creative, intense children the exact mother they need to help them thrive and flourish.

Founded in 2016, the Not So Formulaic community is home to over 3,000 Catholic women mothering the gifted and Twice Exceptional. As a mom with over a decade of experience raising differently-wired children,  I help women identify and serve their children’s gifts and challenges while forming a mother-child bond built on holiness and grace.

Contact Card

Name:  Ginny Kochis

Email Address: notsoformulaic(at)

Location: Springfield, Virginia, USA

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