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Wandering Hearts Collection Celebrates the Adventure of Christian Living

This post is written by Jill Simons of Pink Salt Riot.

Pink Salt Riot Wandering Hearts

The Wandering Hearts collection from Pink Salt Riot started with a simple idea: The true iteration of Christian life is the most adventurous life there is.

It dug into my brain and stayed there. The words of Mark 16:15 – “Go into the whole world.” The whole world. Use everything you’ve been given. Trust God radically.

Leap off mountains into the fog where anything could be waiting for you. Put yourself out there, but not in a safe way. In a way that lays you bare, leaves you open, but most of all, leaves you free.

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God virtually never calls us to “safe.”

God is not safe, but He is good (Aslan reference, anyone?). And so though we have no assurance of “safety” in the world’s sense, we have the great assurance of the good hand of God in our lives, support our leaps, guiding our falls, and nurturing the seeds we plant in the minds and hearts of others.

It’s a life of adventure, if you let it be.

Since you are here I know that you know that Christianity is anything but boring. But what about the days you aren’t feeling it? What about the young women in your life that need some encouragement? What about a little something tangible to tug when you feel yourself starting to falter?

That’s where Wandering Hearts from Pink Salt Riot comes in.

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This 50 piece collection is the largest they have ever created. It includes a huge variety of jewelry, home decor, gifts, and more, including their very first cloth goods: four different useful canvas bags (think: grocery tote, pencil case, wristlet) with favorite quotes from that true icon of Christian adventure: Saint Mother Teresa.

Check out this beautiful collection, perfect for graduation, confirmation, mission trips, and summer travels.

Each piece will ground you in the truths of your faith while still living up to your modern, beautiful lifestyle.

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  1. I love this collection!!! I think these are my favorite pieces I have seen from Pink Salt Riot – and that is saying something because there is a lot to love ­čÖé

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