11 Catholic Products Sold on Etsy that Might Surprise You

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author at Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and founder of Catholics Online.

11 Things Sold on Etsy that Might Surprise You

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Etsy shop”?

On Etsy, the Catholic consumer can shop for a person from the moment of birth until after one has passed to the next life!

Did you know you could purchase . . .

1. Rosaries made out of Real Roses



These rosaries are often sent to families mourning the loss of a loved one; but are not limited to those occasions.

You can see what one of Julia Miller’s Fresh Rosaries looks like in this video: Mrs. Andy’s Live Video featuring Fresh Rosary

2. Prayer Swaddle Blankets 

by Annunciation Designs – 

You can literally wrap your newborn in prayer!  Annunciation Designs has other great products as well.  One of our favorites is a magnet that has the perfect kitchen quote by Mother Teresa:

Wash the plate not because it is dirty but because you love the person who’ll use it next.”

3. A Jesus the Good Shepherd Doll

Trendzilly makes soft saint dolls too!  The selection doesn’t end there – angel dolls, coloring books, saint cards and more are all made by this shop owner!

4. Miraculous Medal Cufflinks

Made by Relics by Rose

Not everything on Etsy is for women 😉

5. Beachy Catholic Jewelry

Rakstar Designs has beautiful jewelry that is trendy and modern.  This shop also includes inspirational mugs, banners, prints and more!

6. Teething Rosaries

Made by Little Praying Hands

baby teethers

7. Sacramental Inserts for Programs

by Gloriam Marketing

No, etsy isn’t just for hand knitted gifts and cute dog sweaters.  You can actually find unique ways to spread the faith at events, like weddings!  Gloriam provides Marketing help, and custom Catholic Wedding programs on Etsy too!

8. Our Lord’s Word in a Beautiful, Framable and Downloadable Print

Ever feel like you need a reminder of God’s love during the day?  Do you like to remind your family that God loves them, but in a way that’s not pushy or over the top?  If you answered yes to either, check out Prints of Mercy!

9. Liturgical Calendars

Telos Art was founded by a Catholic convert, Jessica Connolly.  Since Jessica was new to the idea of liturgical seasons, she was inspired to create modern calendars to help herself and others navigate the wealth of daily resources available through the Church. These calendars offer seasonal liturgical colors, daily readings, feast days, and sacred art by current and classical artists.

10. Catholic Pre-School Printables

SaongJai has created an 84 page pdf that includes letter practice with the saints, numbers 1-20, and so much more!

temporary tattoo

11. Temporary Tattoos that are very Catholic

Find a tattoo that states “Be not afraid” in St. John Paul the Great’s on handwriting as well as many other trendy looking tattoos made by Just LovePrints!

Do you like to give unique gifts?

Do you like to support small businesses?

If you answered yes to either, these shops are great way to support fellow Catholics and give gifts with meaning!

Like handmaid, and want to see other shops that our not on Etsy?  Check out Kidderbug Kreations and Pink Salt Riot as well!

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