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5 Resources You Need in the Wake of the Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal

This article is contributed by Sara Estabrooks, Author at To Jesus, Sincerely, and Tech Assistant at Catholics Online.

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Five Resources to help you in the midst of the Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal.

1. Expert Advice from a Criminologist

Amy Thomas of Catholic Piltgrim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, and a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science, with a specialization in sexual crime.

She’s very knowledgeable, and she has offered to educate us with videos on what we need to know about the victims, about the offenders, and about how we can respond to this horror and protect our own families.

Part One: Understanding What victims of Sexual Abuse Go Through

Part Two: Talking About the Offenders in Sexual Abuse Cases

2. The Pray More Healing Retreat

I feel that we are all struggling under the weight of the blow this abuse has dealt to the Church. So many are in need of healing.

First and foremost, the victims.

Their families and friends.

All members of the Church, who are now wounded by the sins of the few.

I think that this healing retreat is a great place to start. I know from experience that the Pray More Retreats are worth every minute of time invested in them.

3. Practical Advice for Parents

This article from Peanut Butter and Grace offers important advice. As a mom, my initial reaction right now is to find a way to protect my own children.

I’m grateful to have these thoughts and steps laid out for me.

I also am relieved that this post calls us to remain faithful to the Church, at a time when we might feel like running away.

It’s a necessary read, with links to helpful resources.

The Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal: What Parents Can Do, and How to Talk With Kids.

4. A Meditation on the Sorrowful Mysteries

In this difficult time, we need to remember the power of prayer.

This meditation from To Jesus, Sincerely focuses on the virtue of fortitude Jesus exemplified throughout His Passion.

Take some time to pray the Rosary, and meditate while you do.

Let the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts, and your prayer can continue where this post ends. Let Jesus shed a light in this time of darkness.

Today, Your Church hangs on the Cross. She was hung there by those she trusted to lead her flock to You. Those leaders…

Posted by To Jesus, Sincerely on Friday, August 17, 2018

5. Articles from Faithful Catholics

When you read articles from around the internet, be prudent in what you feed your mind.

Take in things that will help you be informed, take action, and find healing.

Try to avoid the things that will cause you to feel hopeless, or tempt you to leave the Truth of the Catholic Church.

Here are a few from our directory members:

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