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3 Reasons Why You Should Enter That Giveaway

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author of the blog Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and founder of Catholics Online.

Are you scrolling through social media and seeing “giveaway posts”?

Are you wondering if you should enter one or if it’s shady?

Most giveaway posts on social media are free and totally safe!  Giveaways help bloggers and small businesses market their content and products inexpensively.  Entering a giveaway is a great way to support small businesses, ministries and artists.

Here are 3 Reasons We Encourage You to Enter that Giveaway!

1. It’s Free

If you see a giveaway that asking for a payment – DO NOT enter that one!  If you see a giveaway that asks for an email address or a share on social media – enter it!


2. By entering you support small businesses

Marketing is EXPENSIVE. Social media is free.  Promoting a mission or brand can be really costly.  By doing a giveaway, small business owners “donate” a product or products and through that small investment gain exposure and advertising.

When you sign up for an email list or share a giveaway post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc – you are helping one or more small business owners.

Enter That Giveaway Pinterest

3. You might actually win

I was unfamiliar with these “giveaways” until I started blogging.  I noticed other bloggers doing giveaways so I entered them with the hopes of winning, but also to show support.

I ended up winning at least twice!  Odds are the entries are not that high so your chances of winning are good!

So, if you see some products you would like for yourself or would love to give as a gift being offered as a giveaway prize – go for it!  Enter the giveaway!

We at Catholics Online will be having one soon!  Don’t miss it – sign up for our email list so you are the first to know!

And now you can enter a giveaway!  Check it out here:

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