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The Sweetest Advent Devotional for Married Couples

This post is contributed by the bloggers at HailMarry, Surprised by Marriage, and Messy Buns and Latin Chant.

The ladies of Hail Marry have just released a joint project for Advent with their Catholic Sex Q&A coauthors, Hilary and Jennifer! Waiting Together, an Advent Devotional for Catholic Married Couples.

What is it?

Waiting Together is a comprehensive devotional for Catholic spouses to meditate on the Advent Gospels daily and apply the wisdom of the season to our marriages.

It’s a downloadable/printable sixty-one page journal with weekly challenges, daily readings, daily reflections, questions for further exploration and in-depth communication, as well as daily prayers.

You’ll also find additional Scripture readings, bonus challenges, and a page of linked resources.

Who is this for?

Waiting Together was written by married Catholics, for married Catholics.

You and your spouse should benefit from increased spiritual intimacy and deeper communication, and it is written for newlyweds and veterans alike.

Waiting Together Advent Journal for Married Coupoles

Why should I buy it?

Waiting Together is the perfect tool to take time and intentionally meditate on what the season means as a couple.

It can also be easy to let your marriage fall to the background during the holidays. Using our devotional will keep that from happening.

Do you want to look back at the Advent season and have it be a blur? An overwhelming ball of stressful moment memories?

Would you, perhaps, prefer to look back and see intentional time spent preparing for Jesus? Imagine a holiday season without stress. That’s a possibility with Waiting Together.

Okay, you convinced me. How do I get it?

The devotional is available for purchase in the Hail Marry Etsy shop!

Waiting Together

It’s an automatic download you can purchase for $10. For more information, please visit

Meet the Author:

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Advent Devotional for Married Couples

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