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27 Christmas Gift Ideas for Catholics (Plus a Giveaway or 3!)

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author of the blog Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and founder of Catholics Online.

Jesus’ birthday will be here before we know it.

Our busy lives will get even busier during Advent.  We will see the busyness in our own homes and outside in the hustle and bustle of traffic patterns and crowded stores.

Most of us will do some amount of Christmas shopping.

As prayerful Catholics, it is nice to give a loved one a present that reminds the receiver of not only our love, but God’s love too.

Meaningful, Faithful Gifts

And sometimes, as friends, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins; we like to give a meaningful gift that promotes a life of faith.

As a Godparent, we have a special role in the life of another person. Often the role of an aunt or uncle, brother or sister, friend or relative is given an added boost when we are also a Godmother or Godfather.  Getting a gift for that special someone is enjoyable and should hold a special place in the heart of the receiver.

As a parent of 3 young children, I often like to give gift to my children’t Godparents, too.  I like those gifts to remind that someone how his or relationship with my child is extremely special.

These gifts can be for Godchildren – young or older.  They can also be given to Godparents or friends and relatives that will appreciate them and use them as a reminder of God’s love.

Here are some ideas:

For the families that have one or more children:

1. A Jesse Tree made by Sara at To Jesus, Sincerely

2. Super Saints Playing Cards by Arma Dei

3. Soft Saint Dolls from Trendzilly

4. Rosaries and Necklaces for Kids from Saongjai

5. A Mass Journal from Not So Formulaic


For the tweens, teens and young adults:

6. Be Yourself: A Catholic Journal for Girls written by Amy Brooks

7. Necklaces, bracelets, prayer cards and more from Pink Salt Riot

8. Decade and scapular bracelets from Mary with You


For the guys:

9. Cuff links from Relics by Rose

10. Trendy Scapulars from Mary with You

11. Money Clips from Relics by Rose

money clips123

For the Mom:

12. A Mass Journal for Moms written by Ginny Kochis

13. A Rosary Wrap Bracelet and made by Relics by Rose

14. A Coloring Book for Catholic Moms from Trendzilly

15. Jewelry and/or Liturgical Calendars from Telos Art Shop

16. One – or all three – Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women

17. A Modern Catholic Embroidery Pattern Collection from Happy Nest Home Goods


For the Book Lover:

18. The Gift Counselor written by Sheila M. Cronin (perfect for that Hallmark Channel lover too!)

19. For the child that loves to read or be read to – The Molly McBride Books

20. The new YA Novel Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby

21. The Complete Illuminated Rosary by

22. The Mediocre Catholic’s Guide to Hearing God’s Voice in Everyday Life’.

For the Self-Help Loving Catholic

23. 21 Days to Healthier and Holier: E-Devotional and Fitness Challenge

24. A Bible Study by Lisa Fahey.  Check out Simply and Rise Up, Women of God

25. One or all of Sterling Jaquith’s books which include: Not of this World: A Catholic Guide to Minimalism; Be Merry: How to Advent Without Losing Your Mind

For the devout person who has everything, and wants nothing but prayer!

26. A rosary made out of real roses by Fresh Rosary

27.  Trappistine Quality Candy!!! These sweets literally taste heavenly!Trappistine Quality Candy!!! These sweets literally taste heavenly!

And a Giveaway!

**** Are you wondering if you should enter this giveaway – or any giveaway?  Here are 3 reasons why the answer is YES! 3 Reasons Why You Should Enter That Giveaway*******

And if you are reading this between November 12th and November 27th 2018 – you can enter to win one of three prize bundles!


Prize Bundle A:

A copy of The Gift Counselor; Two Bible Studies from Lisa Fahey; A Mass Journal Bundle by Not So Formulaic; A Book Bundle from Sterling Jaquith; A Gift Certificate from Trendzilly: The E-Devotional “21 Days to Healthier and Holier” by Catholic Women Run;  Miraculous Medal Necklace from TelosArtShop; and a Rosary Bracelet from SongJai

Prize Bundle B:

The Stay Connected Journal Bundle (all 3 books); A hardcopy of the Illuminated Rosary; A Molly McBride Book Bundle (all 3 books); A Jesse Tree from To Jesus Sincerely; A 10 pack of gift cards, lip balm, a rosary and a $20.00 gift certificate from Fresh Rosary; A copy of The Mediocre Catholic’s Guide to Hear God’s Voice; and a A $20 Gift Card from Mary with You.

Prize Bundle C:

A copy of The Gift Counselor; A copy of  the novel Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby; A Be Yourself Journal; A copy of The Mediocre Catholic’s Gift Guide to Hear God’s Voice; A $15.00 Gift certificate to Relics by Rose; a gift bundle from Pink Salt Riot that includes 5 Prayer Cards, a red tassel “Jesus, I trust in You” necklace and a green beaded “believe” bracelet.

Enter Now!

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  1. It’s really hard to choose. Maybe the A Mass Journal Bundle by Not So Formulaic would be one of my top choices.

  2. I yhink its a toss up. But id choose B. All are amazing prizes! Thank you for the chance to win!

  3. Nice gifts except for the scapulars…any Catholic knows how they are to be worn….Brown cloth front and back around your neck. Was hoping to see that kind of trendy scapulars

  4. It is difficult to choose, but if I have to make a choice, I would love another rosary or rosary bracelet. I find it helpful to have several in case I give one away, as has happened when I come for confession or adoration.

  5. My Aunt saw the post on FB and asked if there anything I wanted. my answer, There isn’t anything I don’t want!!! Except maybe my own books — but that’s only because I already have a bunch . he hee!!

  6. Wow, this list is a truly amazing resource! Thank you! I think I would most want the Stay Connected journal bundle. Sounds like something I could use in my life right now.

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