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Infuse the Catholic Faith into Your Family Life

This post is contributed by Monica of Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

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Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

At Equipping Catholic Families we enjoy equipping Catholic families with free Catholic crafts and family traditions to help you celebrate the Liturgical Calendar at home and in the classroom.

Explore different ways of using our Catholic craft kits, quizzing cards and books.

craft kits books and decks

Usually, our materials help add a Catholic Faith, Catechism and Saints spin on activities you and the kids already like to do.

We can help you transform classic board games with the Communion of Saints, pull out crafts you can use year after year throughout the Liturgical Seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

We can help you infuse Catholic training and fun into your daily routine and activities within Ordinary Time and help you boost your prayer life with prayer prompts and prayer journaling tips.

Infuse the Catholic Faith into Your Family Life Arma Dei

Arma Dei

Arma Dei is our Shoppe offering Saints, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer-Packed Craft Kits, Quizzing Cards and Books!

Check out three of our most popular Catholic products:

Super SaintsTM Quizzing Cards

Our unique Saints cards are fun and informative and you can play real card games with them, straight out of the glossy printed box!

These 54 Super Saints Cards offer full color Kelly Saints illustrations, quick and  quantifiable facts and a short biography for quizzing and friendly war card games.

iadvertube super saints

Kids really do pick up the information about the saints quickly and these cards will foster their love and devotion for the saints!

Saints, Sacraments, Catechism and Prayer Packed Craft Kit Printables

We have 50 Catholic Craft Kit PDFs to choose from!

Each craft kit is packed with information about the Saints, the Sacraments, Catechism or Prayer and embellished with our original illustrations, easy to follow instructions and usually more than one way to assemble or play with the craft!

craft kits cymk

You can receive them immediately and print them at home or at your favorite print shop. We include permission to copy the PDF templates for personal use within the home or classroom.

Prayer Impressions Journal Stamps

Prayer ImpressionsTM  are quality wooden-handled Rubber Stamps formatted to offer checklists, note-taking templates, prayer prompts and saints to transform prayer journals, calendars and Bible Journaling.

Boost your prayer, spiritual growth and healthy living with these fun and easy-to-use stamps! We have over 40 to choose from!

Saints Stamps for journals

Transform the simplest of notebooks into a customized prayer journal or highlight insights or questions recorded in the margins of your Bible or favorite spiritual reading.

Give your calendar or planner a Catholic makeover with saints illustrations, prayer prompts and Sacrament logs.

Prayer Impressions Journal Stamps

Add the saints to lunch notes, chore charts and snail mail correspondence!

Saint stamp promo

Arma Dei Equipping Catholic Families.pngArma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families

Shop: Arma Dei

Site: Equipping Catholic Families

Our shoppe, offers Catechism, Saint, Sacrament and Prayer-packed paper craft kits (available as PDFs), unique and fun quizzing cards, innovative Prayer Journal Stamps, a craft book based on the Liturgical Calendar and a Faith Journal with thoughtful prompts on the seven Sacraments and a budding prayer life. Our blog, Equipping Catholic Families, features our Catholic products while offering free crafts, activities and traditions to celebrate the Catholic Faith at home.

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