Relics by Rose

Relics by Rose

Relics by Rose Unique Catholic jewelry combining vintage inspiration with modern style. 

Hi!  I’m Rose, jewelry designer, wife and mother of 5.  I love learning about and savoring all the rich history of our Catholic faith.  Relics by Rose was born after receiving  boxes of “old junk” from my grandfather that my grandmother had cherished for years.  Hundreds of prayer cards with handwritten messages from loved ones and numerous medals on safety pins that I knew had been through more than one World War.  I couldn’t bear to let them be thrown away.  So, I started incorporating them into modern jewelry designs.  I love the idea of preserving our Catholic faith and sharing the beauty of it through jewelry.   Most of my pieces have a Catholic influence but are not necessarily vintage.  My little shop is growing as I learn and experiment more with different artistic mediums and ideas.  Visit my shop today to learn more!

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Location: Warrington, PA, USA

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