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Don’t Give Up These Facebook Pages For Lent!

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author of the blog Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and founder of Catholics Online.

Facebook can be a great escape from our endless to-do lists

It can also be a place where we see hot issues become real personal, real fast.

Most of us go on social media to escape drama – not find it.

Which is probably why it’s not uncommon for many Catholics to give it up for Lent.  It can be a distraction.

However, we have 10 Facebook pages we suggest you follow in order to make your Lent holier and help you grow closer to the Lord all year round!

If you want your newsfeed to

  • show more inspiration,
  • give you a few laughs and
  • keep you connected with the better side of humanity;

like and follow these dynamic influencers.

For all Catholics:


Catholics Online

We believe inspiration is the first step. God has inspired some Catholics to make jewelry, others to write, and still others to be a leader in his or her community.  We share what some Catholics felt inspired to do so that other Catholics will be inspired to hire a speaker for an event or simply purchase a faith based product.

We want to help all who are searching for the Lord to find Him – on social media and in our daily lives.

Join us Monday for videos with Caitlyn, meet all knew people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and get inspired everyday with posts from all over the world!

Prayer Wine Chocolate


From wine memes to Pro-Life articles, 

Amy Brooks does her best to keep your feed spiritually uplifting, positive and encouraging.  Amy is the author of Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls which is a great resources for middle school aged girls

Amy strongly believes that Catholics should embrace faith sharing and fellowship with friends more often.  Wine and chocolate optional 

Catholic Pilgrim: Living Out the Faith


Amy’s mission is to seek truth, live the Catholic faith boldly, rebel against the culture by following Christ’s path, and foster positive relationships.

Amy believes we are all on a journey in this life and being lukewarm in our faith is selling ourselves short. This life is a pilgrimage and we can do it the world’s way or Christ’s way.

I firmly believe that Christ’s way is a beautiful adventure that shapes us into who He created us to be.

Amy Thomas, Founder of Catholic Pilgrim Living Out the Faith

For the Spanish Speaking Catholic:


El Arbol Menta

From contributor posts to simple inspiration Nellie shares her faith in her beautiful native language.¿Qué piensa una Mujer Católica? ¿Cómo alimenta su fe? ¿Cómo responde a lo que pasa en el mundo?El Árbol Menta es un reflejo de lo que hay en el corazón de esas mujeres que vivimos para amar y servir a Cristo en su Iglesia, en nuestra familia y amigos, en quienes nos rodean.

For the Catholic Mom:

Not So Formulaic

Ginny posts about Catholic motherhood, homeschooling, and gifted/special needs advocacy. Breaking down stereotypes one blog post at a time. Ginny gives hope to moms raising their children – whether they are gifted or challenged; average or considered special needs – follow her page to get support from Ginny.  In her words:

“Come join me and we’ll raise these kids together. We’ll raise them rooted in God’s extraordinary love.”


For the Catholic trying to keep their marriage holy:

Hail Marry


The Founders of Hail Marry, Rachel and Kristi, believe strongly in supporting Catholic marriage and motherhood through community.

We’re both newlyweds (a few months for Kristi and two years for Rachel) and we noticed a real lack of support for newlyweds, young married couples, and young families in general. To us, that is the demographic in most need of support within the church. Thus, we decided to join our collective powers and perspectives to create Hail Marry, a website with a blog, podcast, and community where we can share the joys and sorrows, ups and downs, victories and defeats along our marriage journeys.”

Rachel and Kristi

Life in Every Limb


Leslie describe’s her blog and platform in the following way:

I have been blogging since 2010, writing about whatever topics inspire me as a Catholic, Southern wife and mother. My blog’s name comes from a quotation from a William Wordsworth poem, We Are Seven: “A simple child . . . that lightly draws its breath, and feels its life in every limb, what should it know of death?” I chose it originally to reflect a focus on life issues such as abortion and the death penalty, but it fits equally well with my current broader focus on whatever the current focus of my own life happens to be.

From Marriage tips to travel,  Leslie has lots to share and would love you to come join her journey!

For the Catholic who wants to learn more about our faith:

Burning Hearts Disciples


Burning Hearts Disciples is an organization that seeks to equip, train, and support Catholics to live out the New Evangelization through the art of accompaniment.We are here to help those who, like us, want to learn more about this richly deep and intensely beautiful faith. We want to help people find the resources that best fit their lifestyle and learning style. We want you to find yourself on fire with the same love for Christ and His Church that inspired us. We want to encourage lifelong faith learning that doesn’t end on the last day of the Bible Study or the last page of the book you’re reading. And when you find yourself with your heart on fire, we want to support you as you share your faith!

The name of the ministry comes from Scripture:


For the “young at heart” Catholic:

The Lego Church Project


The Lego Church Project is an annual tradition of John “JM” Kraemer who has been building massive Catholic style parishes out of LEGO since the year 2000.John’s mission with the Lego Church Project is  to show that even if you have a disability (like he does) God can and will use your talents in amazing and creative ways.A second goal of the Lego Church Project is to show how important parish communities are. John feels strongly about how parishes are the “backbone of our faith.”He also values The Celebration of the Mass as one of the most important parts of what it means to be Catholic.

For the Catholic who likes to be surprised:

Catholic Online Finds

You never know what we are going to share here!  Could be the next time you visit this page, it has a whole new name.

We’ll just leave you hanging with this one . . .

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