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Hearts, Wine and Time: Your Ultimate Guide for Lent 2019

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author of the blog Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and founder of Catholics Online.

What does your soul NEED this year?

Have you asked God what you should do in order to know Him more deeply, love Him more dearly and serve Him more joyfully? (*see video link at the end of this post that talks about this question more!!)

Many members of our directory and have thought and prayed about how they can grow closer to the Lord this Lent and hopefully help others do the same.

Here is a glimpse of how our members can help you grow closer to Our Lord this Lent.

Annie Deddens, Founder of Catholic Wife, Catholic Life and Co-Founder of PrayMoreNovenas wrote a post titled:

Returning to the Lord with Our Whole Hearts

In that article, Annie states:

I think a lot of sin happens because of unhealthy coping mechanisms

Annie not only has a great post about filling our hearts with Jesus, but here and her husband, John Paul, are offering an online Lenten Retreat.

This Retreat is fantastic – over 20 videos to choose from and you choose when you can dedicate time to “retreat.

Get more info at

Get more specifics on her post:


Returning to the Lord With Our Whole Hearts

Along the same line of thinking, Anni Harry, Founder of, is also looking into here heart’s desires in her Post “Giving Up My Heart’s Desires”

Anni is offering help with fasting this Lent.  To get her list of 25 ideas for Non-Tradtional Fasting, go to


Pray for 7.7 Billion People

Fouad from Humaintarian Prayers is challenging us to take a few minutes to pray over 7 billion people!

For those hoping to pray more this Lent, Fouad points out that our world is the home of an estimated 7.7billion people.  A short post on provides a free download that will allow you to pray for all of them in less than 5 minutes.


Speaking of Praying More:

Amy, Founder of is not giving up wine for Lent.

Instead, she is hoping to consciously give God 20 minutes a day – even though life is busier than it’s ever been.

Wine (1).png

Amy is offering the advice she was given that led her to this choice in her post

3 Reasons Why I decided Not to Give Up Wine For Lent

in that article Amy gives ideas and resources that will make each day’s 20 minutes a littel different and she’s inviting you to join her Facebook group and mailing list as virtual support groups.  Get more details at

If you are looking for products that will help you really embrace Lent this year, we recommend:

  1. The Hands-On Lenten Pack of Prayers Craft Kit includes coloring pages for the Stations of the Cross, the Rosary and the Divine Mercy along with specific prayer counter tools for each of the classic devotions including:
  • Stations of the Cross Spinwheel
  • Rosary Prayer Counter
  • Divine Mercy Prayer Counter.

Once laminated, the craft templates accommodate both lace-up and dry erase (coloring) prayer counting.

2. Aleesa McCarthy’s Lent 2019 Activity Book

You can see a video of this book here: Lent 2019 Activity Book


This Lenten activity book is a fun way to bring your family closer to Jesus during this special season of the church year. It includes a mark off calendar, stations of the cross, crafts, and coloring pages. There will be blank pages in this book because the pages are printed single sided to make it possible to cut out, craft, and color.

3. Walking Holy Week With Jesus (A prayer Journal) written by Sara Estabrooks

With this journal, we make a special effort to make every day of Holy Week holy. We allow ourselves to feel the darkness, hurt, and suffering that Jesus experienced this week, and emerge with a renewed sense of peace and joy with Him on the other side.

Beginning the Saturday before Palm Sunday, each day has readings that include: a Bible passage, a reflection on the significance of the day, and a short prayer. Then, with the guidance of an open-ended prompt, there is a space for you to write as you reflect and pray about how you’re walking with Jesus each day of Holy Week.


Here is an inspiring video to check out too!

Check out this video by Laura Durant: What’s on My Heart regarding Lent . . .

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