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Aleesa McCarthy-Illustrator, Author, Artisan

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Aleesa lives in the lovely last frontier of Alaska with her husband and three children. She takes inspiration from her studies in Art History and pairs that with a lifelong love and appreciation for art. She is constantly developing her talents in sculpture, painting, and other creative expression. In 2010 she ventured out with a blog titled Life, Love, and Sacred Art that served to document her religious statue restorations and currently shares her love for beauty that inspires all to ponder the goodness of God! You can find awesome Catholic coloring pages for free on the blog. Sometime later she and her sister, Courtney set up an Etsy shop called SaongJai where they make heartfelt and handcrafted Catholic goods like rosaries and unique religious jewelry.

As her children were growing she noticed how hard it was to find cute Catholic resources, so she started illustrating the adorable little saints called My Little Patron. The illustrations are used in her children’s books, rosaries, and other gifts.

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Name:  Aleesa McCarthy

Email Address: aleesamcc(at)

Location: Juneau, Alaska

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