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Rose Sweet

Rose Sweet

Rose Sweet Catholic Author and Speaker

You’ve heard & seen her on Catholic radio and TV where she provides sound Catholic counsel to everyday concerns. Rose is about putting religion into relationships: strengthening, healing, and uncovering the mystery of where they ultimately lead! Her work with the divorced for over twenty-five years—and years of immersion into St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body—has resulted in the wider understanding of the deepest desires of the heart. With authority, heart, and humor, she’s delighted and inspired audiences of all ages and at notable Catholic events including the Theology of the Body Congress, World Meeting of Families, and the USCCB Convocation. Her books, blog, retreats, and parish missions are all part of an “ADVENTURE Into the INTERIOR LIFE” where the answers to all our questions—and the truth and joy we seek–can be found.

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Name:  Rose Sweet

Email Address: rose(at)

Location: California, USA

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