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7 Best Journals for Busy Catholics

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How do you relieve stress, pray, and allow yourself time to be creative?  For me, I can do all of those things through writing in a journal.

I find comfort using a prayer journal in my home, at Eucharistic Adoration and even outside in nature.

Here are the journals I think you would enjoy using and allow you to not only grow closer to the Lord, but also achieve goals you have only dreamed of and see the beauty that is already in your life!


For Catholic Men considering Journaling, we recommend:

Do you want to journal but hate thinking of a blank page staring back? That’s why we made this simple, clean journal with prompts that inspire you to write.

Need a reminder? We’ll e-mail or text you every morning to build a habit. Want more, like an accountability group? Join us on FB at Daily JO. Comes with quick start guide (and detailed instructions as a downloadable PDF). 5″x7″ and yes, it’s paper, because a good pen gliding on paper just makes you feel like you’re actually writing because you are!

Based on Ignatian Examine. Can also order monthly subscription.

For Catholic Women, we recommend:

The Stay Connected Journals

The Stay Connected journals, guided prayers and space to journal your own prayer helps you forge a deeper, living connection with Jesus. Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women help you deepen your connection with Christ through inspiring stories, reflections, Scripture study, and prompts for prayer and journaling. Each journal explores a different path to spiritual growth in seven short, easy-to-complete chapters-perfect for individuals or small faith-sharing.


In The Gift of Invitation, you will:

    – discover seven powerful invitations Jesus extends to you, including the invitation to follow him, forgive from your heart, and know his Father’s many gifts; – explore the Bible to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus; – see how each invitation plays out in your own life; and reflect on how you can be better prepared to -accept Jesus’ invitations.

Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Life, you will:

    – learn how the Holy Spirit can change your life through the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control; – explore the fruits of the Spirit through real-life stories, examples from the Old and New Testaments, and the wisdom of the Church; – examine how you are cultivating the fruits of the Spirit in your own life
    And the newest of the Stay Connected Series:

A Guide to Living the Theological and Cardinal Virtues

God calls each of us to become saints. That may seem daunting, but in Becoming Holy, One Virtue at a Time, Sara Estabrooks shows you how you can answer this call in your daily life. By drawing on Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you will be enabled to seek virtue and pursue sainthood, starting now.

 Becoming Holy, One Virtue at a Time, you will

  • grow in understanding of the theological and cardinal virtues;
  • dive into biblical stories that inspire you to become the person God made you to be;
  • reflect on your vocation to holiness in your daily life; and
  • accept God’s call to live a life of virtue.

For men, women, young and old, we recommend:

Pray, write, plan, and dream with the saints! Beautiful hardcover journals with full wraparound print, 128 lined single pages, and case wrap binding.

With over 10 covers to choose from – each is stunning.  Some include Saint Francis Xavier, St. Cecilia, Saint Gianna Molla and Our Lady.  You have got to see these images – one is sure to move you and inspire you!

I love a blank canvas that allows me to paste inspiration from a devotional or even song lyrics.  I like the idea that I can use this space to write a letter to Jesus or the words of a novena prayer.  Having a journal with this stunning image on the cover gives it an added sense of prayer. I also recommend having a ton of fun making the inside of your blank journal pop with your creativity.

Need some extra inspiration/prompts?  We recommend adding Open Journey’s Homebound Bible Verse Cards!

For Younger Journalers, we recommend:

Made for Greatness Journal

Made for Greatness is a growth mindset journal for Catholic kids who battle perfectionism and anxiety.

Through a study of the Cardinal and Theological virtues, the Works of Mercy, Scripture passages, and the lives of the Saints, Made for Greatness guides readers in the development of a true growth mindset: an attitude rooted in Christ that transforms challenges into opportunities.

In Made for Greatness, your child will:

  • learn to live a life of growth and virtue
  • discover the value of redemptive suffering
  • conquer anxiety, frustration, and that paralyzing fear of failure
  • find role models in the stories of contemporary Catholic young people who have faced and overcome great challenge through faith and perseverance.

Stunning saint portraits from watercolor artist Claire Peterson, thoughtful discussion questions, and virtue-related challenges round out this Catholic approach to an educational philosophy often steeped in secular attitudes. As Pope Emeritus Benedict VXI has said, “The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire!”

Those words are at the heart of Be Yourself! A Journal for Catholic Girls, which is designed to help girls explore their identity and purpose in life in light of the wisdom of the Catholic Church, including half a dozen female saints.

Packed with gorgeous, full-color line art, quizzes, journaling questions, and inspirational quotes from the Catechism and Scripture, the Be Yourself! journal leads girls to discover that they are beautifully and wonderfully made…and that they have a unique,God-given mission and purpose in the world.

Ages 9 and up.

Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls is on it’s way . . . subscribe to to stay in the loop and get notified for pre-order sales!

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