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Liz Montigny Coaching

Liz Montigny Coaching

Liz Montigny Coaching Coaching Catholic working moms to drop the hustle for hope so they can truly live their dreams… 

I’ve covered a lot of ground from commuting to a cubicle every day to diving into entrepreneurship while raising a family. I got tired of the “hustle” and found a better way. I coach you to go from daily chaos to simplicity so you can love your life. I’m proud to be a licensed Ziglar Life Coach and a homeschooling boy mom. Tea, big earrings, living a non toxic lifestyle, and creative evangelization are a few of her loves… Connect with me at or on the usual socials @lizmontignycoaching


  • Moms who want to be proactive instead of reactive
  • Entrepreneurs craving success in their professional AND personal lives
  • A woman who wants to grow into a balanced leader
  • A Catholic mom struggling between career and family
  • The goal-getter who reads all the books, participates in all the groups, attends all the workshops, but still feels like she’s missing out… 

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Name:  Elizabeth Montigny

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Location: Somerset, MA, USA

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