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5 Encouraging Tips for the Catholic Having a “So/So” Lent

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We took a poll in the Catholic Talk and Inspiration Facebook group asking “How is your Lent going?”

The majority of people who took the poll answered, “So/so.  I am doing a little, but feel like I could be doing more.”

In response to what seems to be how a lot of us our feeling,  I went to some trusted, faithful friends for advice.

Here are some good tips I got on how to have a more meaningful Lent:

  1.  Look at a crucifix today.  Really look at it.  Take a moment to acknowledge what it represents.  Thank Jesus for the pain he underwent for you.  Maybe even pray the “prayer before a crucifix” prayer.  Attempt to do this every day for the next week.  This idea came from Eileen Tully, Founder of Present in the Pain.
  2. Get prepared for Holy Week and plan to Walk Holy Week with Jesus.  Sara, from To Jesus, Sincerely has a prayer journal that focuses on just that week.  immerse yourself in the historical and spiritual significance of each day of the week. The name of the journal is called Walking Holy Week with Jesus. 
  3. Be assured that you are called to embrace Lent. This reminder is from Joyanna of Well with Joy “Remember God is outside of time and knows all. We are in this season right now, today, for a specific opportunity. He has ordained it for our good already.Our response to these next weeks of Lent can literally change our life, our church, our communities, and even our whole world .Pick up your bible, fast, pray, and ask God to reveal to you the deep reality of your call and how you can more fully live it out. Use this opportunity to fully embrace the test and trial of Lent.” Sometimes we forget to simply pray, “Dear Lord, I am only having a so-so Lent.  I want to give you more than that.  Please help me today.  Help me to know what to pray, what to sacrifice and what to give so that I can grow closer to You my Lord, my God and my Savior. Amen.”

4. Jen Frost, owner of Faith and Fabric and author of the Stay Connected Journal: Make Every Day Blessed suggests not doing Lent sacrifices alone.  Include your spouse, family (or even a friend).  Here is how Jen explained it:

“Each day, I feel like I’m pulled in a thousand directions…and tomorrow, a thousand more. I’ve been finding purpose and direction this Lent by aligning my Lenten promises as they relate to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving with my husband and son. Since we’re doing family goals (using the CRS calendar, praying an extra decade on Sunday nights, and giving up something of meaning to each of us), it gives our family a common goal to work towards – and we’re able to support each other along the way”
Not sure how to incorporate others?  Here is a game to play at the dinner table to start the conversation!  Would You Rather: Lent Edition! 
5.  Remember that God does not want us to worry.  Emily Jaminet, author of Divine Mercy for Momsand Secrets of the Sacred Heart wants us to remember this: “have no anxiety at all, everything in prayer and petition with thanksgiving”  Emily does warn though: “Do not stay in the land of petition- include thanksgiving!!!”  So say a prayer, and include things and people you want to thank God for! 
Here is a bonus tip:  John Kinuthia gave me some advice on How to Awaken the Saint within me . . . and I often think of them to get me back on track.  Here is the post on 3 Ways You Can Awaken the Saint Within YOU!

How do we have a better Lent?

  1. Stop and look at a crucifix.  Acknowledge what Christ did out of love for you.  Thank Him for it and tell Him you love Him.
  2. Plan for Holy Week.  Look at your calendar and your daily routine.  Make an effort to schedule journaling, prayer, sacrifice and a visit to church.  Order that journal now so when Holy Week arrives you have it.
  3. Remind yourself that Jesus thirsts for you and Lent is an opportunity to draw closer to Him.  Pick up your Bible and read it.  Pray.  Give something up (need help, this is very helpful: (The 5 Minute Sacrifice for Lent)
  4. Invite and include others in what you hope to do for Lent.  Want to pray more, ask someone else to pray with you; want to give up pizza- ask your family to give it up with you; want to give your time to prayer outside an abortion clinic – find people who are already doing that and join them!
  5. Remember that God doesn’t want us to worry about it, He wants us to pray about it.  Say a prayer and include thanksgiving!

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