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Why Good Catholics Shouldn’t Cancel Instagram Reels

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Catholic Instagrammers are bringing Evangelization to a Whole New Level

We have found some of the best Catholic Instagrammers out there – making reels and creating content that is inspirational, educational and entertaining.

Plus, these reels won’t disturb your virtue radar either.

Some Catholic small business owners are making reels to help them both evangelize and earn an income.

Catholics on Instagram are creating reels that:

  • help Moms feeling stressed know that in the midst of chaos, prayer is possible;
  • provide ideas that will get the little ones to pray with you;
  • allow you to support small Catholic businesses and find that perfect gift
  • remind you that your home truly is a domestic church
  • give tips on how to market your ministry and your faith

These are just some Catholics who remind the Instagram user that faith and prayer are still a vital part of living. Make sure you click on these accounts and give them a follow!

These 5 Facts about Instagram Reels Might Surprise You

Reels can encourage prayer in the most unlikely places.

It’s true, you can see a lot of reels of pets, skincare routines and how to bake something. .  . but you can also view reels that inspire faith and prayer in our very real lives.

I made a reel over at Prayer Wine Chocolate suggesting times when your family can pray together:

When does your family pray together?

“The family that prays together, stays together.” Ven. Patrick Peyton
Here is when our busy, chaotic, Blessed and messed family prays together!

Alicia Baker, not only showed a new product in a reel, but added a prayer in honor of Saint Joseph while demonstrating it’s use.

Saint Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us! Reel

St Joseph Toolbox Interactive Rosary coming soon!


Reels Can Provide Holy Humor

“Serve the Lord with laughter” – Padre Pio

There are many of us who are trying to keep our souls in a good place and simply stay connected to the Lord and His peace, while parenting young children.

This task can be exhausting.

It helps to know that we are not alone.  Lindsay Trez (owner of Just Love Prints) and Alexandra Sullivan (writer and blogger at transform our Hearts blog) are both, in my opinion, Instagram Reel QUEENS.

Both of these women use social media to give others struggling to raise tiny Saints comfort and support.  As a mom of three little ones, I love watching the reels these two create.  Especially, when they make ones that make me laugh!

If you want to laugh, watch these two reels (and follow both of these women on Instagram!)

3 Year old at Mass by Lindsay Trezza of Just Love Prints

Click image to watch reel!

How our kids pray the Rosary by Alexandra Sullivan of TransformOurHearts blog

Reels can inspire us to bloom where we are planted

Can watching Instagram reels really inspire us to pray?  We say yes?

One inspirational reel came to us from Lorelei who Instagrams at Books Faith Life and is the creator of the Catholic Mom Bundle.

Lorelie’s Want to make a Mary Garden? reel is inspirational to all of us – especially those who do not have green thumbs.

One way to honor her is by planting a Mary garden, filled with roses for our beautiful Queen.

But what if you live in an apartment? Or have a plain old black thumb?

Enter the faux garden. Some might call it a floral arrangement. But you and I know it’s just a simple token of love to brighten our home and Mary’s day! 🌸

Another inspiration came from Michell Nott who Instagrams at nottfamily.  Michelle’s Having a bad day? reel is an incredible way to remind all of us that social media can be a great place to remind one another to take a breath, think about our Lord and truly pray to Him.

Instagram Reels can help you learn something in 60 seconds or less!

Emily Ricci, owner of Gloriam Marketing, shows us in her reels how to market our ministries and small businesses in ways that could have required hours of research before.

For example, Ricci’s “Make Your Content More Accessible” Reel is the perfect example:

here are three easy tips for your ministry to increase accessibility on social media:

1️⃣ Add captions to your IG stories. This isn’t just an accessibility tip. Raise your hand if you listen to stories with the sound on? 👀 No one? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Adding captions to your IG stories will help accessibility and probably get you more engaged views as well. You can do this manually by typing out the general gist of what you said in the video or you can do this by adding the Instagram caption sticker to your video! (You have the ability to edit this as well.) Pro tip: Put a colored block behind the caption scroll so that it is even easier to read.

2️⃣ Add alt text, especially to graphics with words. For those with visual impairments, screen readers “read” photos, but only if they have alt text in the background. When adding alt text, be sure you include not just what words are on the graphic but also other descriptors about any images included: ie. photo of mountains with “Verso l’alto.”

3️⃣ Capitalize hashtags! Which is easier to read? #Godisgoodallthetime or #GodIsGoodAllTheTime? The simple capitalization here makes a world of difference in the readability of a hashtag and helps to clearly identify what you are trying to say.

Bonus tip: Make sure you have a good color contrast on graphics. You want image text to stand out or pop against the background.

Are you a Catholic on Instagram that would like more help making reels?  If so, check out our helpful guide: 10 ideas for Catholic Reels

Maybe you are not interested in learning about marketing your ministry, but you do want to learn how to strive to be more holy:

Alexandra Sullivan has a reel for that: Do I need a rule of life?

Isn’t a Rule of Life something that only monks and nuns have? Well, that’s how Rules first started, but even lay people will benefit from a Rule of Life…Especially if we are struggling in our faith life!

Let’s be honest, we all prefer the path of least resistance and with prayer and faith, that means skipping Mass, avoiding confession and procrastinating prayer time.

But a Rule of Life keeps us accountable! I

Reels can even help us find Jesus

Can the internet really help you find Jesus?
Sometimes… YES!
Visit for many ways to find Jesus!

Looking for quality Catholic content on Instagram?

Follow us at Catholics Online!  We share quality content – from Catholics all over Instagram!

Let’s recap!

Why should good Catholics NOT cancel Instagram reels?

  1. Reels can encourage prayer in the most unlikely places.
  2. Reels Can Provide Holy Humor
  3. Reels can inspire us to bloom where we are planted
  4. Instagram Reels can help you learn something in 60 seconds or less!
  5. Reels can even help us find Jesus

Some AMAZING Catholics creating incredible reels right now are:

  1. Alicia Baker at @noheartuntouched
  2. Holly Nguyen at @hollylooyadesigns
  3. Lindsay Trezza at @JustLovePrints
  4. Emily Ricci at @gloriammarketing
  5. Michelle Nott at @nottfamily blog
  6. Alexandra Sullivan @transformourheartsblog
  7. All of us at @catholicsonline


Are you a Catholic on Instagram that would like more help making reels?  If so, check out our helpful guide: 10 ideas for Catholic Reels