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5 Must Have Rosary Resources for Families

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Praying the Rosary as a family is such an incredible way to spend time together and plant the seed of faith.

No matter what stage of life your family is in currently, there are always obstacles and challenges that often deter, prevent or tempt us not to pray together. In order to encourage you to pray more often with your family, we put together this list of resources that we believe will make that goal a reality!

5 Must Have Rosary Resources for Families

1. A Place to Put Your Rosaries

I can not stress how helpful it is to have a designated spot for everyone’s Rosary.  Life is busy and when you finally make the time to pray together, knowing where to give everyone their Rosaries helps make the family Rosary happen.  Plus, having a Rosary Hanger is a beautiful way to gently remind yourself and your family members to take time for this beautiful mediation.

A Rosary Hanger
Currently our family is using a wine cork holder and that is why 10 Rosaries are tangled together

Rough 2 Rustic Rosary Hanger

We love the Holy Family Rosary Hanger and the Built for Battle hanger!

As described on the Rough 2 Rustic website:

*Made of reclaimed wood so each hanger is  unique. 
*An engraved “Built for Battle” wood shield cutout is layered on the reclaimed wood back for a unique 3D look. 
*Each one measures between 8 – 10 inches wide by 8.5 – 9.5 inches tall. 
*Backing is finished in a dark slate gray, trim is golden brown, and 5 hooks are gold.  
*Includes saw tooth hooks for easy hanging and three hooks for displaying your rosaries.
*Free U.S. shipping.


2. Rosary Resources for Children

No Heart Untouched

Interactive Abacus Rosaries

We have one and my kids fight over it!  My daughter asked to pray the Rosary the day after we started using this!  I highly recommend it!

Do you know a family that is trying to figure out how to navigate a family Rosary with little ones?  Give them some interactive rosaries and a dry-erase marker!  It’s a great way to get a pre-schooler to learn the Rosary, sit quietly while the parents are praying it and associate a happy feeling with the prayer!

My Little Patron Rosary Guide

This rosary guide can be used as if you were praying
the rosary as you read. If you don’t have a rosary
handy just use the printed tracker at the bottom of the
page to keep track of your prayers.

All the prayers of the rosary are included for you in the
beginning of this book along with a page of cut out tabs
you can use to mark each set of mysteries for ease of use.
There is a general diagram and outline for the order of
the rosary and in the back of the book is a section for prayer
intentions with blank writing pages.

This book is meant to be very simplistic in design so each
mystery of the rosary is just announced. You can look to
the illustrations and speech bubbles for more details.

3. A Rosary Guide to Help with Mysteries and Meditation

A  Painted Rosary Book from Thy Olive Tree

While designed for adults, A Painted Rosary is suitable for older children as well. It is perfect for those learning to pray the Rosary, those who want to pray on the go, and especially for those who desire to enter more deeply into the mysteries of the Rosary and the life of Christ

Annie Deddens, writer of Catholic Wife, Catholic Wife blog wrote a beautiful review of the book on her Facebook page:


“When Dostoyevsky wrote that beauty will save the world, he was referring to the redeeming beauty of Christ. Beauty draws us closer to Him. Meditating on His life draws us closer to Him. Asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us while we pray the Rosary brings us closer to Him. // If you haven’t heard or seen mention of this beautiful Rosary book yet, I wanted to share it with you. It’s called A Painted Rosary and it’s from Kate over at Thy Olive Tree 🌳 It’s a beautiful, small book filled with traditional sacred heart that accompanies each decade of each mystery of the Rosary. It really guides you through each mystery for every day of the week. It’s something you can use while praying the Rosary — to really enter more deeply into those scenes and into the life of Christ.” Annie Deddens

4. Rosaries

Having a Rosary that is special and uniquely one’s own can make the prayer more personal!  Here are just a few Rosaries we suggest you gift to your family members!

For a child, Shining Light Dolls now has a Rosary! Give your little one a Sacred Heart of Jesus Rosary!

Form truly meets function in this beautiful piece. The Sacred Heart rosary is a thoughtful combination of our favorite things.  Crafted to be super comfortable in the hand- with custom painted bright blue wooden beads, double sided soft touch crucifix and center piece, and durable black cord.

Wooden beads as a reminder of the wood of the cross, painted in custom Marian blue.  A double-sided Sacred Heart center piece to remind us of Christ’s burning love for us. All brought together with soft finger friendly black cord.

In true Shining Light Dolls style, this unique piece will appeal to a wide age range, and this rosary will make an excellent gift for both children and adults.

This rosary was designed for prayer.  Small parts, not for children under 3.

Many of our directory members make Rosaries!  To see all of our Rosary makers, click Artisans, then click Religious, then click Rosaries!

One of our newest Rosary shops is Refuge Rosaries!

This handcrafted, beautiful, and unique Catholic rosary is made with 8mm bleached white wood beads and 8mm aquamarine natural gemstone beads. The beads are strung and knotted on micro cord (the slimmest type of paracord!) for durability.

The cameo rosary center depicts the Madonna of the Streets. The crucifix is 2 inches in length and was made in Italy.

5. A Prayer Candle

Praying the Rosary with a candle is a tradition many uphold.

Corda Candles  is a Catholic Candle company!

The name means “hearts” and comes from the Mass when the priest says, “Lift up your hearts.” In Latin, that’s “sursum corda” and literally it means “Hearts up!” The owner and candle maker, Ana Camacho states:

“I love, too, how the heart is a source of strength and courage. The name also gives a nod to how I proudly make everything by hand in the heartland, where I was born and raised.

It took more than seven months and exhaustive testing to take CORDA from an idea to the launch of the first products: candles with scents inspired by saints and the faith. 

Each scent combination is the fruit of love and prayer, and their inspirations come from the day to day lives and heavenly patronages of these holy men and women.”

Do you pray the Rosary with your family?  When do you pray it?  Where?  Tell us in the comments below!!!!

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  1. Love all these ideas! Right now we pray in decades with the kids (they are 4 and under so attention span is not long😂) . But the wooden rosary beads with colors have helped us so they know which decade they are on.

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