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Blessed Be God Boutique

Blessed Be God Boutique

Blessed Be God Boutique – Display Your Faith

Hello! My name is Janice and I am a Catholic wife and mother of three. I enjoy sewing and crafting. This shop began as a desire to create while home during the pandemic. When brainstorming ideas, I knew I had to create a shop where I could do what I love and, most importantly, praise God with the products!

I believe that life should be full of warmth and love. With this in mind, I offer you high-quality items for your home and living. The products here range from rosary pouches to stickers to scrunchies, all with colorful designs and the practicality you expect.

All fabrics and designs celebrate Christian ideals or contain elements of Catholic imagery and prayer. The products help us to keep Jesus always on our minds and in our hearts. Gifting one of our rosary purses or carrying a phone case with Catholic imagery means we can evangelize to the world while also keeping our Lord with us literally and figuratively!

I hope you enjoy the items in the shop as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

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