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Heather Lebano

Heather Lebano

House of Love and Laughter – Finding a soft place to land while surrendering to God

Heather is a Catholic Convert who lives near the City of Brotherly Love with her husband, Jon, of 24 years and their four children (2 are college kids and 2 are at home) and two feisty dogs rooted in faith and love.

She spends her days running her home, homeschooling her two youngest girls, supporting her husband in his brain cancer journey, and searching for truth, beauty, and goodness. She writes about her deep faith, the gift of raising her family, the vocation of marriage, and taking long walks while listening to the voice of God.

Heather writes at and hangs out on Instagram @houseofloveandlaughterblog where she weaves words, offers a soft place to land, reflects on finding hope and joy, and loving others first, laughing often, seeing the beauty and while encouraging others to grow closer to God in this sometimes difficult journey called life. Lately, she shares glimpses into finding joy and beauty in the suffering—as her husband lives with and fights brain cancer while sharing thoughts of the heart on the recent loss of loved ones.

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Name: Heather Lebano

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Location: West Chester, PA, USA

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