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3 Simple Ideas for Your Catholic Toddlers Easter Basket

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I think most of us would agree, babies and toddlers do NOT need a basket full of candy!

However, it is super exciting and fun for parents to put together an Easter basket for their children.  I remember doing this for our children and it really was such a delight!

These gift ideas are also great ideas for Baptism gifts too!

3 Simple Ideas for Your Catholic Toddlers Easter Basket

Durable, fun Catholic Toys!

Saintly Heart has an Easter Play Set

Move over sugar monster – we have a toy that children can’t break and will provide opportunities for fun, learning and self-made entertainment.

The Saintly Heart Easter Playset

Made from eco-friendly, sustainable wood and paper, this Easter Play Set features a magnetic closing box with a handle that opens to display a colorful backdrop perfect to recreate the Easter story. It holds the figurines for easy clean up and fits neatly on a shelf when playtime is over.

Featuring 13 bright and unbreakable wooden figures, this Easter Play Set includes: the Risen Jesus, angels, a guard, women, disciples, Easter animals and flowers, a moveable boulder, and an Alleluia piece. 

The Brother Francis Church Play Set is a great toy that is in season year round!

Offering a tactile way for children to engage in the Mass, this play set will prepare your children to enter more fully in the Liturgy as they learn the names and purposes of the vessels and sacramentals used at Mass. 

Saintly Heart provides durable wooden toys that work well alone or even add fun to your wooden block collection.  Additionally, toys like the Fatima Lacing Set really help toddlers work on fine motor skills as well as language and speech!

Catholic lacing toy from Saintly Heart
Fatima Lacing Toy

Shining Light Dolls

I highly recommend Shining Dolls water reveal cards and their wooden balance toys!

My 10 year old still loves water reveal activities lol!

The Jesus the Good Shepherd, Jesus and Saint Peter Walk on Water and the Saint Francis and the Birds play sets are perfect all year round!

The Easter Set is perfect for your child’s Easter Basket.

Shining Light Dolls has plush dolls, rag dolls and tons of over toys that are perfect for Catholic toddlers!  Grab some goodies today and be all set for Easter!

And here is a coupon code for you!  Use PRAYERWINECHOCOLATE and get 10% off!

Wooden Easter toy set from Shining Light Dolls
Easter Play set from Shining Light Dolls

Practical Catholic Gifts that express faith and encourage prayer

Sock Religious Kid Size Socks are perfectly practical!

Catholic socks are a great option for kids of all ages and are especially fun if you want your children to have similar items in each of their baskets.  Matching socks are easy, practical and affordable!

Light, Spring colors can be found on the Marian Monogram, Joan of Arc and Saint Anthony socks.  Easter specific socks are also available and such a fun addition to an Easter Basket!

Toddler bib from Be a Heart


Be a Heart has new bib colors that are extra bright and cheerful for Spring – plus they have fun placemats with the Grace Before Meals Prayer too! Don’t forget to check out some sippy cups and a chunky puzzle while you are there!

We absolutely LOVE Be a Heart’s kitchen products that help moms with their babies and toddlers!

Use coupon code PRAYERWINECHOCOLATE for 10% off!

Catholic Stuffies, Pillows and Plushies

Sketch and Sentiment has beautiful Jesus and Saint Pillow dolls!  You can choose from a variety of Jesus dolls and each pillow doll has an image on side and a beautiful prayer on the other side!

These are fantastic Baptism gifts too!

Shining Light Dolls has soft plush dolls and rag dolls now in stock! 

Don’t forget to use your COUPON CODE! Use PRAYERWINECHOCOLATE and get 10% off!

A variety of dolls made by Shining Light Dolls


Would you like more Catholic Gift Ideas?  Our Christmas catalog has sections based on ages for children and has adult ideas too!  Download now!