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3 Unique First Holy Communion Gift Ideas for Boys

Feature image/cover image. Boy praying in his First Holy Communion suit, with title on graphic (3 Unique First Holy Communion Gift Ideas for Boys)

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Traditional gifts are incredible and we do not to believe they should be thrown away!

Give that Bible, the Rosary, that prayer book and whatever family tradition you hold dear – these are truly beautiful gifts and treasures.

But let’s not stop there with giving gifts that will encourage prayer and a daily effort to know Jesus better and on a more intimate level.

This post is not meant to say “out with the old” but to help those who know their son or Godson, or nephew, etc. will already be getting those traditional gifts and want to give a gift that will nourish the young soul’s faith with their gift.

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A Chalice is a great First Holy Communion Gift

Why a chalice?

This idea has been shared in many Facebook group discussions this year.  The idea is to give a young man a chalice for a First Holy Communion gift and let him know you are praying for his vocation.  If he is called to the priesthood, he can use this chalice at the first Mass he celebrates.  If he is called to marriage, he can ask the presider to use that chalice at his wedding Mass.

You can purchase so many beautiful chalices from! has chalices that are classic in style,

ceramic and

made from olive wood.

Olive Wood Chalice
Olive Wood Chalice from is a Catholic e-commerce based in Italy. We sell over 60k items for Catholics. From priest vestments, religious icons, rosaries, saint statues, to handcrafted Christmas nativity sets from Italy, Spain and other holy sites including Assisi, Medjugorje and Jerusalem. We have many beautiful specialty items for First Communions, baptisms and weddings. Fast-shipping to the USA and around the world.


A Play Mass Set is a great First Holy Communion Gift idea

Shining Light Dolls has a brand new wooden Mass set.

My almost 11 year old son was playing with this Mass kit on Saturday evening!  He has loved playing Mass for years.  I love a gift that will be used and appreciated for a long time, and a Mass kit is one of those gifts!

Children that role-play the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass are more likely to understand what is happening at Mass, pay closer attention, and gain a deeper appreciation for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.
Playing Mass is a beautiful and effective way for children to learn about one of the most important parts of their Catholic faith. You will be amazed by how much they learn! Many Saints “played mass” as children as well, including St. Ambrose of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila and her brother.
The flame discs on the candles are removable for interactive fun- as well as the tops of the cruets and lid on the Ciborium!
20 Piece Set includes: Lavabo bowl, 2 white candles and 2 flame discs, Altar cross, Chalice, Ciborium with removable lid, water and wine cruets with removable lids, Pall, 6 communion hosts, 1 large Celebrant’s Host, and Paten.
This set was inspired by images of Antique French mass playsets from the 19th century.

If you purchase the one from Shining Light Dolls, use the coupon code PRAYERWINECHOCOLATE for 10 % off!

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A Catholic Journal made for Boys is an excellent First Holy Communion Gift

Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Boys is ideal for young men ages 9 and up.

This book is often given to an 8 year old knowing that big changes are not far in the future.  Many parents, Godparents, Aunts and Grandparents have given this book as a gift to a young first Holy Communicant.

Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Boys was designed for boys to understand their identity and individuality, with the help of their Catholic faith.

Packed full of great art, quizzes, journaling questions, quotes from the saints, Scripture verses, and passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Be Yourself journal helps boys become the men God created them to be.

Here’s what some have said:

Perfect First Communion gift
This journal is full of engaging and age-appropriate activities that can lead to prayers and thoughts about God and growing in holiness. Hope my grandson and his parents like it as much as I did!
Awesome (5 stars)
This book was the perfect gift for my nephew’s First Holy Communion! It offers excellent guidance for a young boy to explore and build his relationship with Jesus.
We love it! (5 out of 5 stars)
We are very happy we bought this journal for our 8yr old son. We have been looking for tools to help him verbalize his feelings and this journal with the prompts is so helpful. And HE likes it. The design hits right to the heart of a boy. It’s the perfect trainer for future journaling.
You can get Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Boys here ( or on Amazon here.

Need more Catholic gift ideas?

If you would like more ideas for First Holy Communion (or any Sacrament) make sure you get your free Sacrament catalog here!
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