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5 Fun- MUST HAVE- Catholic Books for Kids!

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As Catholics, we celebrate virtue and integrity.  We know that we were created to love and serve God.  We also are not boring people.  We like to have fun, challenge our minds, engage in relaxation and recreation – but we firmly believe this can be done without corrupting our souls.

The world is not so sold on morality, truth, goodness and beauty.  The world is not exactly a place where Jesus’ name is honored and our God is respected.

Keeping our children innocent does not have to involve sheltering them completely!  There are resources out there that are made with Catholic families in mind.  Here are a few of the best books that will be great for your families this summer and beyond!

5 Fun Catholic Books for Kids!

A screen-free activity boys and girls truly enjoy

Pray By Sticker Book made by Catholic Family Crate

This book is LOVED by boys and girls ages 4 to 11!  The Pray By Sticker Book is one of those activities the kids pick up themselves on a rainy day or during quiet, screen-free time.

All 3 of my children truly enjoy using their Pray By Sticker book!

Cover of the book titled PRAY BY STICKER for Catholic kids

Why this is a “must-have”:  The world just keeps getting faster and our children are being challenged more than ever to learn how to listen to God’s voice.  These books invite children in – you’ll find they pick them up and sit still for almost an hour!  It’s a activity they enjoy and it is screen-free!

An interactive way to read and learn about Catholic Saints

Canadian Saints Activity Book

This Saint activity book written by Bonnie Way is so fun!

St. Kateri Tekakwitha*, St. Andre Bessette, St. Marie of the Incarnation, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, St. Francois de Laval, and St. Marguerite d’Youville lived ordinary lives of great service and love to those around them.

Filled with stories, word puzzles, coloring pages and more, kids will have fun exploring the lives of these holy men and women.

While learning about these six saints, children will also learn about other aspects of the Catholic faith such as spiritual communion, sacramentals, mystics, the corporal works of mercy, and more.

Saint Kateri’s feast day in the United States is July 14th – the section on her is definitely a great resource!

*******See a sneak peek inside by looking at this Instagram reel!******

Why this is a “must-have”: There are SO MANY SAINT BOOKS, but this books invite the reader to write in it, color in it and complete mazes, crossword puzzles and more. Plus, many of these Saints are not well known.  Added bonus it explains what – or who – is a mystic in a way that kids can understand!

Boy holding a football and the Be Yourself Journal for Catholic boys

A book that teaches young men virtue in a way that no other book has ever done before . . .

Be Yourself: a Journal for Catholic Boys

From a page that resembles Mad Libs, to a wreck this journal type of activity, this book meets young men where they are in a way that is relevant and meaningful.

Written differently than the girls Be Yourself Journal, this book often asks the reader to cross out what they don’t like or don’t relate to – leaving the words that resonate with them on the page to think about and contemplate.

The book often dares or encourages the young man to do something and come back to share the experience; invites them to ask men they look up to questions and demonstrates how their life and their faith are very much intertwined.

Whether your son likes to draw, loves sports or even considers himself a “gamer”; this book has something in it that will make him feel seen.

Using it will help him make prayer more personal and allow him to think about his friendships and his future through the eyes of faith.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

Why this is a “must-have”: Finding engaging content for boys that embrace virtue and the incredible God-given gifts boys naturally possess is difficult, even in the secular world. This book brings the truth of Scripture and the wisdom of the Saints in a way that is accessible to boys, but still grounded in solid theology. It helps young men answer the question, “what does God want from me” in a way that makes sense and helps them see the world and their life as a great gift.

Girl standing on the beach holding a Be Yourself Journal for Catholic girls

Answer questions about identity in a way that brings you and your daughter peace

Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls

This book combines your tween’s love of inspiring quotes with coloring; guides them with advice from a handful of Saints and includes activities similar to scrapbooking – as well as giving the feel of an 80’s style slam book!

It’s so fun!  And the best part is that it answers questions they may or may not realize they desire answered.  The book reassures them that God made her special, unique and does not want her to stress about so many things.

Here is a recent review left by Tammi McCarthy:

I’m a mom of four girls and in ministry myself, so I’m a tough critic of books. This book is fabulous. I bought it for my middle daughter who often struggles to express herself. This book helps little teens really get to “know” themselves. I have also bought the boy’s journal for my nephews. Great buy!!

If your daughter loves coloring inspiring Saint quotes and Scripture verses, you can also get all 20 coloring pages as an instant download here!

Why this is a “must-have”: In an age where more young people wrestle with anxiety and question their identity, it’s a relief to offer a resource that will sooth a young girl’s soul. This book will help her discover and celebrate her uniqueness and guide her as she wrestles and copes with hurt feelings and un-answered questions. As one reviewer stated, “this journal gives constant reminders of why the most important detail [in life] is being loved by God and rooted in His love . . . and it’s culturally relevant.”

Coloring page that says Dear God, thank you for everything

Wholesome Entertainment that is far from lame

Catholic Coloring Books and Comic Books

Voyage Comics and Publishing creates exceptional entertainment, informed by Catholic values, that inspires people to live a heroic life.

From a brand new comic book hero to the story of Carlo Acutis, these comic books are truly done exceptionally well.  Loved by both kids and adults, the content is compelling and the illustrations are phenomenal.

a pile of comic books published by voyage comics

Voyage Comics is extending their shop and now has a YA novel for a growing female audience.  Definitely peruse their website and get a few things while you are there!

Why this is a “must-have”:  These comic books provide entertainment that does not compromise one’s integrity.  Plus, “graphic novels” are super popular now, so these books provide teachable moments in a way that is enjoyable.

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