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These Catholic Toy Shops are Rockin’ 2022

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These Catholic Toy Shops are bringing faith, fun and holy nostalgia to a heavenly level!!!

Toys and Christmas just go together!  I’m sure Jesus had toys when He was a child too – and maybe Saint Joseph even made a few!

These Catholic toys will enrich the whole family with genuine playing and authentic discussions.  Make sure you give a few to the little ones you love this Christmas!

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A Very Catholic Christmas Catalog is Here!!!

A Very Catholic Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Over 30 of our members joined together to create this incredibly fun, extremely Catholic, Christmas catalog!

It is a digital catalog with gifts for all ages and stages!

As a community – and as brothers and sisters in Christ – we encourage you to give a gift this Christmas that will encourage someone to pray more;

will remind a loved one that God does love them and certainly hears their prayers,

and celebrates the incredible gift of faith we have been given.

Want one?

Yes, I want to view over 50 pages of Catholic Christmas gifts!!!

Here’s a sneak peek:

Images from inside A Very Catholic Christmas Gift Guide
A few sample pages of the 2022 Catholic Christmas Catalog

Inside this catalog there are toys for children,

books for all ages,



practical gifts

and fun accessories – so many ideas for all the different people on your shopping list!

Catholic Gifts for Men, Women and Children

We separated the gifts into categories that might help you decide what to get who and what is appropriate for different aged children – but, that might change when you hand over the physical copy you can order to the members of your family!

You’ll see right away that there are gifts that interest your loved ones that you never would have thought they would want!

Yes, once you download this catalog you will see an option to order a physical copy of the gift guide.

It’s very similar to the Target and Amazon ones that may have found their way into your mailbox – only this one is way more fun!

And the best part – the gift ideas will only begin there.

We will be posting a few micro-gift guides throughout the next month – and you’ll get those emailed to you (you can also view them by visiting our website often)!

New products have been released since this catalog was published and and we can not wait to share those with you!

Have fun keeping Christ in your Christmas shopping this year!

May the Lord Bless You Abundantly,

Love and prayers,

All of us at Catholics Online, LLC



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Help Your Catholic Tween With These 5 Quotes

Two kids making funny faces on top with the title of the article written below Help Your Catholic Tween with These 5 Quotes

This post contains affiliate or associate links with several businesses (which means if you shop through the links, we earn a small commission). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

There’s something about a catchy quote that makes us stop and think.  As adults, we like and share these quotes on social media.

We decorate our homes with them.

We might even write them in a journal.

Our attraction to these small bites of wisdom often begins in our youth.

During my first year as a teacher, I had two students (both boys) ask permission to put a quote or “fun fact” on the board once a week or once a day (I can’t remember exactly).

I allowed them – and they came up with some good ones.

I’ve noticed many teen inspirational coloring books are filled with inspiring quotes.

I have observed what is posted on Instagram by scrollers of all ages.

Our kids are seeking truth and wisdom.

Let’s help them find it.

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