Carla Quigley Art

Carla Quigley Art

Carla Quigley Art – Carla Quigley is a Catholic artist who feels most fulfilled when she is doing art with a Christian theme. She dabbles in all sorts of genres including painting, jewelry, and woodwork. Occasionally, she also teaches art to both adults and children.

God sends us the Holy Spirit to help us do His work here on Earth. So we are to be His hands, His eyes, His mouth, His ears to one another. When we invite Jesus to live in our hearts we are filled with a yearning to be a part of His plan and to love one another. He fills us with the Holy Spirit and then uses us to accomplish His good purposes. I am inspired by God to use my hands and the talents He has given me; He fills my heart until it overflows with love that must be expressed, and then becomes a work of art.
My art is truly an expression of my spiritual life. It is a form of prayer for me and it pulls me closer to God. It is so humbling to me that sometimes another person might feel pulled closer to God when looking at a painting I’ve done. I feel like God is saying to me, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” 

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Location: 3610 Sweetbriar Dr. Bryan, TX 77802, USA

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