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Christie Walker | Catholic Recovery CoacChristie Walker | Catholic Recovery Coachh

Christie Walker | Catholic Recovery Coach

Christie Walker | Catholic Recovery Coach Christie from Catholic Spiritual Gifts coaches Catholic women with 1+ years of successful sobriety to live their best life by discovering what God is calling them to. She shows them how to invite the Holy Spirit in to help clear up the “mental mess” that can keep them “stuck” well after taking their last drink. Through life + recovery coaching, her clients also learn how the gifts of the Holy Spirit and their unique charisms empower them to live a life of peace, joy, and abundance.

Take the FREE Spiritual Gifts Assessment on her website at and discover your gifts.

The Funeral Home Marketing Podcast

The Funeral Home Marketing Podcast provides digital marketing tips and info and deals with unique challenges facing funeral professionals daily. You’ll get simple, actionable steps that you can implement today to reach more families and get the results you have been dreaming about.

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