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Hi, I’m Christine a fifty-something, wife, mother, and professed member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites. I grew up Catholic, the oldest of seven children. After college, I drifted from the faith. In the early nineteen-nineties, I had a reversion. Ever since I have studied the Catholic faith, lives of the saints, and the bible. In 2016, after six years of study, I took final promises as a Third Order Carmelite.

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Are You Listening? A Book To Help You Hear God’s Voice In Your Life

This post is contributed by Christine Canino, Author of Spirit of Catholic Success.

Do you ever feel like your faith life is mediocre?

Like you are just going through life without really participating, just watching from the sidelines?

Do you find yourself at mass distracted by the kids, or your mind wandering to your laundry and your shopping and your dishes and your mile long list of things to do?

It is easy to fall into the trap of seeing life as mediocre, as just flying by fast and furious without much purpose or passion.

What to break free from mediocrity?
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