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Walking the Road Home…Together

I’m a convert to the Catholic Church; I came into the Church at the Easter Vigil 2016 along with my husband Mark and our 8 children. We’ve since added one more!

I traveled a long road to come home to the Church. Along the way, I got my B.A. in Biblical Studies, while Mark earned a doctorate in Theology. I have been a “none,” a United Methodist, a Free Methodist, an Orthodox Presbyterian, and attempted to join the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Then, I finally found out where I had belonged all along.

When I’m not chasing my 3 year old and running taxi for the older kids (read: not very often), I’m a freelance writer, coffee guzzler, clatterer-about-in-the-kitchen, and I pretend that I know how to fix things. I’m also a non-professed candidate in the Secular Franciscan Order.

At Green Catholic Burrow, I write about all things related to becoming Catholic. My focus is on creating resources to help other converts and reverts along the road home, as well as helping lifelong Catholics see their ancient faith through fresh eyes. 

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