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Social Media is Wasting Your Life and Sucking Your Time–Or is it?

This post was written by Jessica Castillo, founder of A Thriving Catholic.

“Well, if Jesus knocks me off my horse and tells me to open an Instagram account, then I will.” 

I was on a lunchtime walk with my husband about a year ago when I made this snarky remark. I had been officially in business for a little over a year at that point and was talking with my husband about how slowly my business was growing and how I couldn’t seem to find potential clients. 

He pointed out to me that I needed to be on social media.

That I should probably start an Instagram account.

Sound advice–but I wasn’t willing to hear it. 

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A Thriving Catholic

A Thriving Catholic

A Thriving Catholic Follow Christ. Feel Happier. Get Healthier

Jessica is a wife, mother of 3, former Army Officer, and lover of Jesus. She is passionate about helping Catholic women achieve health and happiness while growing in their love for Jesus and his Church.

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