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Kimberly’s Design Studio

Kimberly’s Design Studio

Kimberly’s Design Studio – Motion Design, Alcohol Ink, and Watercolor Artist

When St. Augustine said, “singing is like praying twice,” I wondered, “Well, what about drawing?” I’m a married Texan, mom of 3 young boys, that loves to design graphics (and add motion to them), however, I still love to create art with my hands. You can usually find me hiding in my studio most mornings with my watercolors and alcohol inks. (They dry quickly around little hands!) I enjoy helping others with graphic/editing needs, animating logos, and various video editing. 

My Sunday art is dedicated to “prayer art” hoping to draw closer to God, and I share my reflections and Catholic pieces on a special instagram account KC_Prayerart.

Inspiration for me, is all thanks to God. Thinking about His beautiful world and everything in nature, to pondering  everything and everyone I’m praying for, to the readings I hear at church. Even my fluid and resin art reminds me of His planets and mesmerizing patterns found in stones and water. God is the true master artist, and I’m merely an apprentice.

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