Mandy Mazzawi

Mandy Mazzawi

Mandy Mazzawi- Holiness in the Ordinary

Over the years Mandy has worn many hats, from helping assemble reports on science policy at the National Academies of the Sciences, to working on the board of a special needs advocacy group, and becoming a children’s advocate for abused children, but by far her favorite role has been being a mom to her 3 children ages 10-4 and wife to her loving husband, Joe.

You can find her @mustardseedsandwildflowers on Instagram writing about her experiences as a Catholic convert, life as a special needs Mom, reflections on God’s Love and finally accepting, with Joy, the most important vocation He has placed in her life – becoming and raising saints.

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Name: Mandy Mazzawi

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Location: Richmond, VA, USA

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