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Zip Rzeppa

Zip Rzeppa

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Zip Rzeppa inspires and entertains audiences through his incredible storytelling and his fascinating journey. Going to college with Bill O’Reilly and Howard Stern. Being healed from a double addiction. Against all odds, becoming the most colorful local TV sportscaster in America. Achieving fame and fortune. Then God took everything away. Job, fiancée, dad’s health, money, possessions. Gone! Unencumbered by the things of this world, Zip was called to serve. The poor and the needy. People with mental and physical disabilities. Suffering foster children. Ringing doorbells in dangerous areas to evangelize the Catholic faith. Writing and publishing books. Speaking for free. Emceeing events for charities. Organizing fundraisers. Sharing his story across the world. Bringing the love and the peace and the JOY of Jesus Christ to everyone he meets. He produces and appears in videos to evangelize the Catholic Faith. His recently released 6 CD series, Live the Joy, is available online. Author of the acclaimed autobiography, For A Greater Purpose, and the Catholic novel for teens, My Rock & Salvation, Zip excites and charms audiences with his heart-warming, humorous style.

Contact Card

Name:  Zip Rzeppa

Email Address: zip(at)

Location: Missouri, USA

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