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5 Encouraging Tips for the Catholic Having a “So/So” Lent

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We took a poll in the Catholic Talk and Inspiration Facebook group asking “How is your Lent going?”

The majority of people who took the poll answered, “So/so.  I am doing a little, but feel like I could be doing more.”

In response to what seems to be how a lot of us our feeling,  I went to some trusted, faithful friends for advice.

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A Prayer Journal for the Holiest Week of the Year

This post is written by Sara Estabrooks, author of To Jesus, Sincerely. A prayer journal for the holiest week of the year.

Imagine yourself encountering Holy Week for the first time.

Place yourself into history.

You’ll walk by His side every step of the way. You’ll experience the fear, the pain, the suffering, and finally, the joy of this pivotal week in Salvation History.

With this prayer journal, you’ll enter into Holy Week in a whole new way.

Each day from the Saturday before Palm Sunday through the Resurrection has Bible readings, reflections, prayers, and journal prompts to help you immerse yourself in the reality of Jesus’ Passion, death and Resurrection.

Commit to living Holy Week in a special way this year.

Walk Holy Week at Jesus’ side.

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