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Lexie Metzler4 The Love of Lexie

4 The Love of Lexie

I post about DIY projects, lifestyle, fashion, beauty reviews, and other inspirational things. I am targeting a secular audience in an effort to slip in messages of faith in my posts, gently evangelizing the Catholic faith. I do it this way in order to build trust with my audience and slide in messages of Christ rather than to be rejected from the start. My plan within the next few years is to God-willing turn it into a Catholic ministry for young women.

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Cecilia DaybreakCecilia Buckner

Daybreak Social Media

Owner of Daybreak Social Media. I provide Social Media services for Catholic Dioceses, Churches, Religious Organizations, Christian Small Business Owners, and Faith-Based Non-Profits. Also providing social media audits, training, coaching, and marketing. The teacher in me also loves speaking and training audiences at Catholic conferences, workshops, and break-out sessions within Texas. Visit Daybreak Social Media for additional information.

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Kristin Bird Burning Hearts Disciples.pngBurning Hearts Disciples

Burning Hearts Disciples

We equip, train, and support Catholics to live out the New Evangelization through the art of accompaniment. Our primary purpose is to inspire Disciples of Christ by walking with people as they grow in relationship with Christ and His Church. Burning Hearts Disciples helps Catholics deepen their relationship with Jesus and the Church, and inspire within them the confidence to go and share their faith with others. We draw on the best church, business, and education resources, and customize and individualize faith growth plans that match the needs of individuals, families, small groups, and parish leadership. Let meet you where you are on your journey, help you plan for the next leg, and walk with you down the road.

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Lisay Fahey Ministry.pngLisa Fahey

Lisa Fahey Ministry

Lisa Fahey is an author and speaker with over twenty years of experience working with youth, young adults and women in the Catholic Church. She is the author of two Bible studies that seek to inspire, encourage and empower readers in their journey with God. “Rise Up, Women of God” centers on helping women discover the true meaning of being a woman of God. In “Simply: A Women’s Study on Ecclesiastes”, Lisa draws on a wealth of real-life stories and moments with God to inspire and encourage others. At the young age of 21, Lisa lost her first husband and this forever changed her approach to God and His word. Through her work, she shares how God helped her to continue to grow and rise up as a woman of God even during the trials of life. Through her Bible studies and ministry work, Lisa has something for everyone to help encourage them in their relationship with God. By carefully crafting and designing engaging, interactive and spiritually rich talks and studies, Lisa aims to help women discover their identity in God. Her goal is to help create passionate, dedicated women that God and the church need them to be.

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AllisonAllison Gingras

Reconciled to You

Allison Gingras, founder of Reconciled To You ministries, writes, speaks and shares with enthusiasm and humor, her Catholic Faith and Relationship with Jesus as she experiences them in the everyday, ordinary of life! Allison loves to share how one can enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life of faith in the everyday ordinary of moments of living. Topics of focus include but not limited to: Forgiveness, Trust, Joy, Mary as Model of Faith, ADHD, Spiritual Fortification, and Scripture.

Mary GouletMary Goulet

Mary Goulet Media

Mary has been a radio host/podcaster for 15 years. She’s also had her own nationally syndicated cable TV show. She is an award-winning author of three books, and an engaging speaker. She’s been featured on The CBS Morning Show, Montel, and Dr. Phil three times and on fifty morning shows across the country. She’s been profiled in countless articles and interviewed on over 100 radio and morning shows. Devoted to Our Blessed Mother and Jesus she is known for teaching the power of the Rosary. She hosts a weekly podcast on going with your gut, listening to your soul, prayer and the beauty of staying calm, being kind, and having patience. Her show is titled The Mary Goulet Show; Cultivate a Rich Interior. Her podcast can be found on iTunes under The Mary Goulet Show and also posted on her website. Mary is a volunteer and lector at her local parish in Encinitas, CA. She is a mom to two teenage girls.

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Heidi IndahlHeidi Indahl

Work and Play Day by Day

Heidi is a former classroom teacher and program administrator, turned curriculum-designing homeschool mom of seven. Through the challenges of life, God drew Heidi and her husband into a fuller relationship with Him through the Catholic faith. Now instead of writing and speaking about education, she uses the platforms God gifted her with to share her experiences with motherhood, family-based catechesis, pregnancy & infant loss, and (occasionally) homeschooling. In addition to her personal website, she is a regular contributor at Peanut Butter & Grace and the author of Blessed Is The Fruit of Thy Womb: Rosary Reflections for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Infant Loss.

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Sterling JaquithSterling Jaquith

Coffee & Pearls

Sterling is a Catholic convert and evangelist. She puts out the Coffee & Pearls podcast every Tuesday. She blogs at www.sterlingjaquith.com. She is the creator of The Catholic Mom Challenge, which you can read about at www.catholicmomchallenge.com. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, their four children, and a lazy border collie. She loves speaking at conferences and retreats about her conversion story, spiritual dryness and how we can strive for sainthood in our everyday lives.

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ginnyGinny Kochis

Not So Formulaic

I’m Ginny – a passionately Catholic wife and homeschool mom to three from Northern Virginia. Professionally, I have 17 years of experience as a high school English teacher and adjunct professor with a Master of Arts in Teaching Writing and Literature. Personally, I’m a freelance writer and advocate for neurodivergent children, specifically for those who are gifted with special needs. Through my published writing and speaking engagements, I work to illuminate the true, the good, and the beautiful in everyday life. Please visit me at my online homes, Not So Formulaic (where I write about Catholic motherhood, homeschooling, and gifted and twice exceptional advocacy), and Writing Allowed (where I support families in their efforts to create a culture of writers at home). You can also find me at several other online outlets, including CatholicMom, BookShark, The Mighty, and Everyday Ediths.

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TomTom Lelyo

T. Lelyo Media

Behind every like, comment, and subscribe there is a person. Realizing this is the key to social media marketing. My job is to help you get social, and be personal. By leveraging the tools of technology, I help influencers identify & build their brand and build relationships with their audience through social media.

Melody Lyons.pngMelody Lyons

The Essential Mother

The Essential Mother is a resource for every woman who is caught between a passionate desire to serve and the need to heal, rest, and rise. As a homeschooling mom of 8 and a chronic illness survivor, I see a need to reach women who are seeking a restoration of joy and health (of mind and body) as they serve through their vocation. Having been a faith-based author, blogger (at Blossoming Joy), and speaker, for over a decade , I knew that I was blessed with a platform to help facilitate that healing… and The Essential Mother was born. All glory to God!

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Amy BrooksPrayer, Wine, Chocolate

Prayer, Wine, Chocolate

Amy is a wine and chocolate lover who finds great comfort, guidance and joy in her faith. For years Amy taught high school students, but when she and her husband were blessed with a son through adoption, she became a stay-at-home mom. Amy is a wife, mother and occasional runner. She feels passionate about adoption, prayer and yes, wine and chocolate too!

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Monique Rubero.pngDr. Monique Rubero

Rising with Roses

Dr. Monique Ruberu is a daughter of God, a wife to an amazing husband and a mother to three adorable kiddos. She is a convinced Catholic and a Napro Technology Trained Pro Life Ob/Gyn. Monique has a beautiful conversion story that she recently published titled “Rising with Roses.” This book delves deep into her faith journey which brought her from a broken marriage to an amazing and precious relationship God. It also addresses many interesting life lessons that she learned along the way and now shares with her patients on a daily basis. She is a 40 days for life campaign leader, a pro life advocate, trained sidewalk counsellor and public speaker. Monique loves speaking about Making the most of your marriage, Avoiding dating pitfalls and embracing the real purpose of dating, Sexual integrity after marriage, Napro technology as an alternative to contraceptives, IVF and typical gynecologic care, Sidewalk counselling, Why Men should be on the sidewalk, the aftermath of abortion, and her conversion story. She loves to speak to groups of all sizes. She hopes to engage women and men from middle school to the nursing home


Kristin Bird Burning Hearts Disciples.png