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Become a member:

The Catholics Online directory creates a home for all Catholics with an online presence. We also provide additional services that open the doorway to a myriad of opportunities for you.

At Catholics Online, LLC, we foster a community that:

1. Encourages members to make connections that may lead to increased exposure for your platform(s).

2. Provides a space to ask industry questions and receive answers that are helpful and informative.

3. Often highlights members on our growing platforms.

4.  Seeks to provide new opportunities to learn and grow.







Our knowledgeable staff are dedicated to supporting members of Catholics Online by providing a supportive community of Catholic Social Media Influencers exclusively for you, through membership in our secret Facebook group.






Catholics Online provides a range of services and opportunities to our members.






 Our $135.00 annual membership fee to Catholics Online includes a listing on our directory, in any/all of the five categories:









All members will receive an invitation to join our secret Facebook group: Catholic Social Media Influencers. This group is a close-knit support, interaction, and promotion group.

 We offer continuous opt-in threads designed to promote our own content and reciprocate by interacting on each other’s content.






Members are free to share opportunities, giveaways, events, ask for promotions, or initiate any other kids of blogging or business discussion.


Exposure on Social Media Platforms




Members will be routinely featured on our social media platforms. All promotional articles on our website will be promoted on our social media platforms.




Current platforms:




Promotional Articles






All members will be provided with the opportunity to run promotional articles in the Blog section of the Catholics Online Website. Promotional articles will be featured on our social media channels and email campaigns.






Some ideas of popular promotional articles:






  • a post highlighting your product or shop
  • an intro and link to a favorite post or top ten posts on your blog
  • an announcement for a speaking engagement or event
  • discounts and special deals
  • anything else you’re interested in reaching a Catholic audience!







Need something else?






Is there a service you’d like to see us provide in the future? We’re always open for recommendations. Simply send us an email at catholicsocialmediainfluencers(at), and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Membership dues:

 Upon approval of your application, we will send you an email notifying you to set up an annual PayPal subscription with your membership dues; currently $135.00 per year, which includes:








  • a single directory listing,
  • membership in our Facebook support group
  • access to advertising opportunities on our website through promotional articles,
  • and inclusion in our partnering services.





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Annual Membership Fee: $135.00






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