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5 Fun- MUST HAVE- Catholic Books for Kids!

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As Catholics, we celebrate virtue and integrity.  We know that we were created to love and serve God.  We also are not boring people.  We like to have fun, challenge our minds, engage in relaxation and recreation – but we firmly believe this can be done without corrupting our souls.

The world is not so sold on morality, truth, goodness and beauty.  The world is not exactly a place where Jesus’ name is honored and our God is respected.

Keeping our children innocent does not have to involve sheltering them completely!  There are resources out there that are made with Catholic families in mind.  Here are a few of the best books that will be great for your families this summer and beyond!

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Catholic Gifts Ideas for Children Ages 3 to 8

This post contains affiliate or associate links with several businesses (which means if you shop through the links, I earn a small commission). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Whether you are a parent wanting more opportunities to pray with your child or a Godparent or Grandparent that wants to give a gift that nourishes the soul and pleases the child, we have some great ideas for you!

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Here are Catholic Gift Ideas for Children Ages 3 to 8!

Catholic Dolls

A Mary Doll from Be a Heart

Mary continues to appear to us just as we are. Therefore, a Mary doll should look like the child who owns it. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared as an Indigenous woman to Juan Diego. Our Lady of Aparecida appeared as a Black woman in Brazil. Our Lady of Fatima appeared as a Portuguese woman. Our Mary doll comes in three different skin tones – dark, medium, and light. Each child should see him or herself reflected in Mary’s face, our loving Mother to all.

Mary is crafted from calico cotton with a polyester filling.
She has embroidered features and long, wool yarn hair.
Each Mary doll is dressed in the same outfit – a removable beige dress and Marian blue veil.

Natalie the Nativity Angel

Natalie the Nativity Angel is a Christian alternative to the mischievous elf popular this time of year. It’s a great way for kids learn to think of others and the true meaning of the season and prepare for the birth of Jesus.

Natalie (meaning “birthday” or “Christmas”) the Nativity Angel comes to visit during advent to help you prepare for the coming birth of Baby Jesus. Each night of advent hide Natalie in your home for your children to find next morning with a note with a Good Deed to do that day.

Natalie is approximately 4″ tall.

A Saint Nicholas Soft Saint Doll from Trendzilly

St Nicholas Handmade Soft Saint Doll is approximately 14″ tall made with soft fleece, making it perfect for your little ones to cuddle up with. Every part of this doll is cut out by hand and is embroidered with a sweet friendly face your child will love. A lot of detail went in to every part of this doll. Great for both Boys and Girls this is the perfect gift for St. Nicholas Day (December 6th) or Christmas. What better way to help little ones learn about the saints.

Adventure Bag and Adventure Log

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: 

“God created everything for man,222 but man in turn was created to serve and love God and to offer all creation back to him”.  Enjoying God’s creation is a wonderful way to grow in love and appreciation for Our Lord!

Adventure Bags and Logs make it EASY to find adventure, everyday! Just grab you bag and off you go!

Future Saint Dry Erase Activity Cards

These reusable dry-erase activity cards are perfect to engage your little future saint at Mass or Adoration.

This shop, Annunciation Designs, has a TON of great options for your child!  From Saint Banners, to a subscription to letters from Saints to tee shirts and more!


A Catholic Hair Bow (or two)

Hair Bows 4 Life makes Saint bows, Christmas bows, Sacrament bows and even bow ties!  Check them out to get your child’s patron saint and a fun bow to wear for Christmas!

Kid’s Socks from Sock Religious!

These are the Saint Anthony socks. Everyone in my house needs these . . . Saint Anthony, come around, something’s lost and can’t be found!

We love Saint Michael the archangel,  Saint Nicholas, Saint Benedict, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Therese’, and even a pair of Nativity socks!  There are more to choose from and seriously – who doesn’t need a pair of matching socks!!???

Latin Phrase Pencils

My son is in 3rd grade and he is taking Latin at his school.  I think he will love these Latin phrase pencils!

I’m not sure if the Latin pencils are still available, but they do have a PRAY ON PAPER set available!

Use coupon code CATHOLICSSAVE and get 10% off!

Faith and Puppets!

Is your child really loving puppets lately?  You can get videos of puppets teaching about our Catholic faith and you can also purchase puppets from this lovely ministry: Faith and Puppets!

Catholic Coloring Books

A Giant Catholic Coloring Book

50+ Catholic coloring pages for home and school. Instant digital download.  This is great to use all year long!

Brother Francis has a big selection of coloring books.  Choose from coloring books about the Saints, praying, the Rosary, Sacraments and even holy days, including the story of Saint Nicholas!


Catholic Family Crate Subscription

Wendy loves to shop. She shops and shops and shops till her wardrobe is about to POP! The funky fashionista has to face it: she has too much stuff. Using her creative side, Wendy organizes a clothing drive, complete with fashion show, at her school. With the help of her friends, she learns to temper her penchant for the posh with the spirit of charity. Penned in a fun, rollicking rhyme, this tale of temperance will have even the youngest of Wendy fans quoting stanzas from Wacky Wardrobe. Debut author Maria Shappert writes in a captivating language that is a delight to ears of all ages. All editions are packed-to-the-brim with bright, colorful, hand-crafted illustrations by Ohio artist Jean Schoonover-Egolf.

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