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Help Your Catholic Tween With These 5 Quotes

Two kids making funny faces on top with the title of the article written below Help Your Catholic Tween with These 5 Quotes

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There’s something about a catchy quote that makes us stop and think.¬† As adults, we like and share these quotes on social media.

We decorate our homes with them.

We might even write them in a journal.

Our attraction to these small bites of wisdom often begins in our youth.

During my first year as a teacher, I had two students (both boys) ask permission to put a quote or “fun fact” on the board once a week or once a day (I can’t remember exactly).

I allowed them – and they came up with some good ones.

I’ve noticed many teen inspirational coloring books are filled with inspiring quotes.

I have observed what is posted on Instagram by scrollers of all ages.

Our kids are seeking truth and wisdom.

Let’s help them find it.

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