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Alex R. Hey

Alex R. Hey

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Writer, blogger, saint biographer, amateur poet

To read his writings and/or contact him to work with you or speak about Saint Eugène de Mazenod to your parish/organization, visit his website:


Day job: ADHD Coach


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Location: Sioux Falls, SD, USA

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This “Slam Dunk” Retreat Will be an Annual Event

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author at Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and founder of Catholics Online.

Catholics Online Retreat

About a year ago, Amy Brooks started a Facebook group for Catholic writers, speakers, vloggers, artisans and those who work for missions and non-profits.

As Catholic Influencers, it has been wonderful to have a worldwide community that supports, prays for and uplifts one another online. The sincerity of each member has resulted in the forming of friendships and the desire to meet in person. Continue reading “This “Slam Dunk” Retreat Will be an Annual Event”