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Advent for Procrastinators: 7 Ways You Can Still Embrace the Season


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If you are late to the Advent party for any reason, we want you to know – you are not alone!

In fact, there are many of us who just live in survival mode!

So whether you are an empty nester or a mom of young children – we have some ideas that will not stress you out and allow you to choose something simple and totally do-able this month!

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Advent, Promo posts

4+ Amazing Advent Ideas

This article is contributed by Leslie Sholly and originally appeared on Life in Every Limb.

More than Christmas, more even than Easter, Advent is my very favorite liturgical season.

Part of my affection for Advent stems from my beautiful memories of Catholic school celebrations, but I also love it for how simple it is to incorporate the celebration of this special season into daily life. Continue reading “4+ Amazing Advent Ideas”