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4+ Amazing Advent Ideas

This article is contributed by Leslie Sholly and originally appeared on Life in Every Limb.

More than Christmas, more even than Easter, Advent is my very favorite liturgical season.

Part of my affection for Advent stems from my beautiful memories of Catholic school celebrations, but I also love it for how simple it is to incorporate the celebration of this special season into daily life. Continue reading “4+ Amazing Advent Ideas”

Advent, Promo posts

The Sweetest Advent Devotional for Married Couples

This post is contributed by the bloggers at HailMarry, Surprised by Marriage, and Messy Buns and Latin Chant.

The ladies of Hail Marry have just released a joint project for Advent with their Catholic Sex Q&A coauthors, Hilary and Jennifer! Waiting Together, an Advent Devotional for Catholic Married Couples. Continue reading “The Sweetest Advent Devotional for Married Couples”


The Ultimate Lent Guide for Busy People

This post is written by Amy Brooks, author at Prayer, Wine, Chocolate, and co-founder of CSMI.

Lent for Busy People

I have 9 month old twins, a five year old and for the past few days, my husband was sick.

I need a shower.  I need to clean my kitchen and the amount of laundry that needs to folded reminds me once again that we own way to many clothes.

I also am trying to work from home.

For me, prayer happens right in the midst of all the crazy. Continue reading “The Ultimate Lent Guide for Busy People”