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We Need To Talk About (Saint) Bruno

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Lots of Spoiler Alerts ahead – if you have not seen it and don’t want the story spoiled DO NOT READ THIS!!!

We Don’t Talk About Bruno . . .I can not get this song out of my head (We don’t talk about Bruno).

I finally watched this movie.  It’s great. I love it.  As the author of the Be Yourself Journal, I immediately connected with the lead character who wondered who she was and what was her gift.

But something happened within days of me seeing this movie – my husband showed me a meme that led me to research Saint Bruno.

If you would like to read more about the movie Encanto from a Catholic point of view, check out Michelle Nott’s blog post titled Review of Encanto (from a Religious Perspective)

Nott touches upon Bruno in her review, stating:

“Poor Bruno gets stuck with a bad reputation due to his gift of vision of future events. People go to him to get questions about their future answered, but turn against him when they don’t like what he sees. How does this relate to our faith?”

What a great question Michelle. (Read more about Michelle Nott Catholic blogger)

The character Bruno from the movie Encanto bares some similarities to the Catholic Saint Bruno.  From seeing a possible vision of the future, to leaving a life in a busy community to a life of solitude, and to possibly, being misunderstood, we can use this Disney creation to look at and talk about Saint Bruno.

We don’t often want to talk about what Saint Bruno held as extremely important, but perhaps . . . we should.

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