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Repeat Temptations, Failings and Spiritual Challenges? There’s help!

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Do you often find yourself confessing the same sins over and over again?

Do you just keep making the same New Year’s Resolutions?

You are not alone.

And although “misery loves company”; you may also be happy to hear some people have risen above these frustrations with the help of Jesus, and they want to help you rise above them too.

Whether you are putting “self-improvement” on your Christmas list this year, hoping to have a Catholic New Year’s Resolution or you simply want to grow in God’s grace this Advent; we believe one of these works will help you reach your goal and nurture your relationship with Christ.

Many feel frustrated when they go to confession and say the same sins again and again.

Bless me Father for I  . . . am not loving my spouse enough, I act selfish when I do this that and the other, I am lukewarm in my faith, I neglect spiritual and primary duties . . . you could probably add something to this list, couldn’t you?

We believe that God put us in a community to help us rise up against what prevents us to grow closer to Him.  Some people have overcome great odds, and want to help you rise above what challenges you too.

Here are some resources that we hope will help you overcome a spiritual battle you are fighting right now.

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