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Why Good Catholics Shouldn’t Cancel Instagram Reels

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Catholic Instagrammers are bringing Evangelization to a Whole New Level

We have found some of the best Catholic Instagrammers out there – making reels and creating content that is inspirational, educational and entertaining.

Plus, these reels won’t disturb your virtue radar either.

Some Catholic small business owners are making reels to help them both evangelize and earn an income.

Catholics on Instagram are creating reels that:

  • help Moms feeling stressed know that in the midst of chaos, prayer is possible;
  • provide ideas that will get the little ones to pray with you;
  • allow you to support small Catholic businesses and find that perfect gift
  • remind you that your home truly is a domestic church
  • give tips on how to market your ministry and your faith

These are just some Catholics who remind the Instagram user that faith and prayer are still a vital part of living. Make sure you click on these accounts and give them a follow!

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The Best Podcasts for Every Catholic

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I struggle at multi-tasking.  I hear women are supposedly good at it.

Yet another reason to take away my domestic goddess card.

However, I can drive and listen to the radio at the same time.  I also don’t want to brag, but, I can also make my bed and listen to something.  Hey, sometimes I can even listen while doing the dishes or laundry.

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How to Create Engaging (Not Spammy) Social Media Posts

In this video from Christie Walker, you will learn some tips and best practices to engaging your audience through social media posts.

Christie Walker

Walker Writing Services
The Joy Filled Catholic

Hi! I’m Christie Walker, owner of Walker Writing Services. After a 15+ year career in the fine jewelry industry, I left to be home with our children. I loved being home with our boys but dreamt of finding work that I could do from home. That dream became a reality when I founded WWS. My initial focus was on creating website content for jewelers. Over the past decade, my clientele has grown to include; Funeral Homes, Catholic Schools, Realtors, Attorneys, and Dental Professionals.

 I am passionate about my Catholic faith and would love to help other Catholic professionals, Parishes, or Catholic Schools increase exposure and brand awareness. The services that I offer include; content writing, social media marketing, consulting, and business correspondence. Contact me with any questions or if you would like more information.